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Men, Women, and Social Media

download Men, Women, and Social MediaSurprise, surprise.  Men and women use social media differently.  An infographic from compiled data from The Pew Research Center and Nielson Global Surveys to reveal exactly how businesses can get caught in a battle of the sexes when it comes to planning their social media.

For example:

  • Men are more likely to use social media for dating or business.
  • Women are more likely to use social media for staying in touch with family and friends, blogging and photo sharing, entertainment, and how-to information.

The most valuable information for social media coordinators can be found in how to market to the different demographics.

If you are targeting men

  • Men prefer quick access to deals and information, and are more likely to scan a QR code or coupons.
  • Men resonate with ads that include car, action, sports and sexual themes.

If you are targeting women

  • Women prefer a social media encounter with brands.  Females are more likely to follow or like a brand to receive deals.
  • Women are less likely to take action on paid advertising.  They ignore social media and text ads more often.
  • Women like ads with sentimental, family, real-life, and pet and kid theme.

Common ground

  • If you are looking to catch both demographics create campaigns that revolve around humor, aspirations, value, celebrity, and endorsements. 

Standing out in social media is not easy.  But reflecting on how these statistics can improve your strategy could pay off in the long run. Check out the infographic to learn more.

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Help my Pain – Gasbuddy

A doctor. That is really what successful entreprenuers are. They find out what is a source of pain for people and fix or “heal” that pain.  This is exactly what Jason Toews and Dustin Coupal did.  Leading up to June of 2000, the pair had been kicking-around ideas for internet start-ups and finally decided to create a site that guided people to the cheapest local gas.  And so in June of 2000, they launched GasBuddy.

At first the idea seemd to be like an enormous failure. The partners had to persuade drivers to log in and share gas prices after filling up their tanks.  This meant the drivers had to write down or remembder the gas price, and rememeber to enter them in into the website when they returned home.  This resulted in no real-time data, a number of annoyed drivers and potential for multiple errors.

Finally, in 2009,  after this painful process of gathering data, the partners realized that the site’s limitations could be corrected by a mobile app.  Users could plug in, or search for, pricing information right there on their phones.  So the company launched an iPhone and Andriod app. The apps instantly took off. At one point the Andriod app was #2 on the most popular lift of the Andriod app store.

Today, over ten million people have downloaded their apps.  The main catch of the app comes in the business model.  The app is free to download and the partners have opted to not put adds on either of the apps.  ”The main thing is to get more and more data,” says Toews. This just goes to show that what is becoming more and more important is not necessarily physical revenue, but rather information.

Looking into the future the partners hope GasBuddy develops into a prediction engine.  ”We want to alert people ahead of time when gas prices are going up, so we’re working on craeting an early warning system for people so they can save,” explains Toews.

If you haven’t ever seen GasBuddy, check it out it is pretty cool.

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Khan Academy: Education for Anyone, Anywhere

khan academy 300x171 Khan Academy: Education for Anyone, Anywhere This week President Obama announced the eleven individuals that were selected to be the new Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE).  Among the honorees is Salman Khan, founder of the internet education site, Khan Academy.  For the next year the White House will send out Khan and the other ambassadors all over the globe to mentor and encourage startups in the hopes of creating new businesses and jobs in the US and abroad.

Khan’s previous work, background, and passion make him more than qualified for this position.  Born in New Orleans and raised by parents from Bangladesh and India, Khan understands cross-cultural communication.  With a grant from Google and the Carlos Slim Foundation, the Khan Academy has been able to translate its lessons into the world’s most widely spoken languages.  Kahn Academy’s mission statement is to provide “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”  As they expand their video library and languages used, this idea becoming a great possibility.

The nonprofit organization offers courses in mathematics, history, medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics, cosmology, American civics, art history, and computer science.  All of these subjects add up to over 5,000 micro lectures and more than 100,000 practice problems.  Members can access the easy to navigate content through a personal dashboard.  Salman Khan created the site with this thought in mind: “I teach the way that I wish I was taught. The lectures are coming from me, an actual human being who is fascinated by the world around him.”

If you are a student, teacher, parent or simply an individual hoping to grow your knowledge, Khan is one of the most accessible resources for you.  With social aspects such as badges, stats, and inspirational stories, the website makes learning personal and fun.  Keep Khan in mind the next time finals roll around.

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Sweat ‘n Spice

Sweat ‘n Spice is a deceiving name when you first read it. It’s actually the name of an internet blog/business developed around the pretense of sauces. It grew from the initial offering of sauces to selling sauces from over 300 different producers. It has since made over $200,000 in a year, back in 2006.

Nick Lindauer started the business out of his college dorm room. He began it with a blog talking about different sauces and initially sold a few dozen sauces from different manufacturers. He also hand packaged and shipped them in the early going. He continued to grow the business up to $160,000 in 2004 and to $200,000 in 2006. The article i read actually suggested that the business could make up to a million dollars per year at some point in the future.

With the success of this business early on and the potential to grow the business, there could be potential for other business models like this to work. When looking for Sweat ‘n Spice online all you get is a site with their number that you can call for wholesale orders, very inefficient. The idea is there though, and if you have something you are very passionate about or already blog about, look at ways to potentially monetize it. It’s a simple thing to do.

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Brick and Mortar Takes to the Internet Part 2

Last blog I talked about the importance of brick and mortar business getting involved in online business. I spoke about the strategy and benefits of having a presence online. A website and social media campaign increase business as they increase knowledge of a business and its ventures.

A local business that is doing a fantastic job online, though they are tied to brick and mortar is the Broad Street Grille. What used to be a poorly run bar is now an up and coming restaurant. Their success is twofold. It is greatly improved with new ownership and a great remodel, but the secret driving force is its online campaign.

The BSG has success via its website. It is maintained and up to date. It showcases promotions and gives valuable business information in a great way.

20140408 194450 Brick and Mortar Takes to the Internet Part 2

The website is simple and clear in its communication. It beautifully communicates the business. Furthermore it has a connection to the sites social media.

The restaurants success is also a result of social media. Not only do they have successful campaigns on facebook, twitter, and instagram, they recently released a very well designed app. The app, like the website, is well designed and a great tool used creatively for promotion.

To understand how brick and mortar can work together with internet business to great success, look to the Broad Street Grille.

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Brick and Mortar Takes to the Internet Part 1

Business online is taking off. In the business world, if you aren’t changing with the times you’ll get left behind. So how, in a world of online business, do business tied to brick and mortar avoid getting left behind?

To be an internet business doesn’t mean you deal strictly online. Utilizing all that the internet has to offer is a strategy that all successful businesses take advantage of. Any establishment can use a social media campaign to boost marketing. A website thats not only functional but simple and aesthetically appealing can make or break success.

The key to using the internet right as a brick and mortar is keeping it up to date. With your social media, have constant updates on all sites with your current promotions. Don’t let your customers forget that you’re out there and don’t let anyone miss an opportunity to draw more customers in with deals. You’re website should constantly be up to date, old information communicates unreliability and poor business. Show the customer who you are, what you have to offer, and why you’re the best place to get it from.

My next blog will give an example of a business doing this well.

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StubHub is a Win-Win-Win

There are few things worse than logging online to purchase tickets to a concert by your favorite artist, only to realize they have been sold out for days.  Or maybe you are a concert snob like me and refuse to go to the show if you can’t be up close and in the action.  What do you do when you don’t want to trust the scalpers outside the football stadium?  Even worse, what if you realize you have schedule conflicts and now have to sell the tickets you worked so hard for?

The answer is StubHub.  Owned by eBay, Stubhub is the world’s largest ticket marketplace.  According to multiple articles it is said to process an astounding one sports or entertainment ticket every second and has over 120 venue partners.  This Internet business allows sellers to post tickets at any price they choose, and unlike other online ticket retailers, StubHub earns commission only after the sale takes place.

For the seller, this can mean huge profits.  Most of the tickets listed on StubHub are in high demand and sell for an average of 10% more than their listed price.

Buyers shouldn’t be discouraged though.  More than half of the tickets on StubHub sell at or below face value.

StubHub may be the biggest winner out of every involved party.  On average they receive 20-25% of the sale profits.  To put this in perspective, StubHub earned a quarter of the profit from a $10,557 ticket purchased on the site for this year’s SuperBowl.  Obviously not every sale is that profitable, but with a transaction every second the revenue rings up.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, StubHub is the place to go if you mix up your dates, aren’t refreshing your browser every second leading up to the sale, or simply want the best.  Supply and demand for entertainment is here to stay and this is a site with staying power.

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