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Internet Entrepreneurship: Why Leave The House?

Life as we know it is getting easier and easier everyday. Entrepreneurs solve problems that don’t even cross our minds. Products and services are making life more comfortable, easier, and hassle free. With internet entrepreneurship on the rise, entrepreneurs have developed food delivery systems, social media sites, online marketplaces, gaming sites and more, and with everything so conveniently at our fingertips, it makes some people ask the question, “why leave home?” I can have my food delivered right to my doorstep, buy supplies on amazon, have clothes sent to me, do my work from home, even take college courses in my own house. Have we as entrepreneurs made people more lazy?

The internet has helped people in so many different ways. We have connected loved ones, made daily tasks easier, and more, but is the negative effect greater than the positive? When I ask my friends if they want to go shopping they say sure, and then stay sitting on the couch as they go to the amazon app on their phones. When everything we ever need is on the internet it makes people more hesitant to go out and do things. My goal as an entrepreneur is to make money by making life easier, but at what expense?

Obesity levels are rising, social skill levels are depleting, and the amount of time people spend on the internet is increasing at an alarming rate. These statistics may sound good to a company that thrives on people being on the internet, but is this what we really want as a society?

Do I think there will come a day when everyone stays inside and only uses the internet? No (At least I hope not). I think there is still hope out there because there are entrepreneurs who believe what I believe. Internet entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be completely on the internet. Entrepreneurs are creating apps that help people find bike trails, discover better nutritional diets, and find new places to travel to. There are apps being created that make sure people are getting exercise, getting people to go and enjoy the world around them, and helping people not only to connect with friends, but to be with their friends. There still is hope for the future. I hope that life can be made easier without jeopardizing what we have; the beautiful world God has given us.

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WiX: Internet Entrepreneurship made simpler


For my Internet Entrepreneurship class I was required to make a website for my business. Many of the other people in the class used WordPress because it has a lot of functionality, but I went with Wix.

Wix is a web development platform that allows people to create music sharing sites, blogs, online stores and more. Wix is very appealing to people looking to create more visual sites because of all the templates it offers. It’s also easy to use with its click, drag, and drop system.

In 2009 Wix had 1 Million users, and now they have over 60 Million users in 190 different countries. The site is used by so many because it is free, easy to use, and even gives you the option to make a mobile version of your site. It continues to grow as it is averaging around 45,000 new users everyday.

Wix is built on a freemium business model and earns its revenues through premium upgrades. By buying an upgrade users can use their own domain name, add an e-commerce element to their site, buy extra data storage and more.

Wix is known to be the easiest website creator out there, but one really interesting thing that separates it from its competitors like WordPress and Weebly is that Wix is publicly listed on the NASDAQ stock market. It raised 125 Million dollars for when it was initially listed.

What does Wix mean for Internet Entrepreneurs? It means that creating a business and getting a website up and running is easier than ever before. Wix is a great way to get started with website development, but if you’re looking for a site with more functionality, you are either going to have to put in hundreds of hours of work into your site or just use a different web developing site.

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Two years ago I got a notification from one of my friends about Wish. I thought I would check it out even though I was pretty sure it was just one of those websites that spams people with tons of notifications, but it looked like it had some cool products. Next thing I know I have an account on the site, I’m buying things through it and I have created a wish list with tons of items.


Wish is an online mall that helps stores reach relevant customers. It allows stores to cut down on their marketing costs because Wish finds people that are looking for specific products and connects them through recommendations to the companies selling those products. Wish allows people to create wish lists with items and products that they like, and then Wish uses peoples’ wish lists to recommend products for them. Wish can connect to peoples’ facebook counts or emails to send them notifications. It’s just another way to get people to come back each day.

The Wish app is used by over 50 million people and has been on a steady rise over the past few years. The company is valued at nearly 3 Billion Dollars and is now the leading mobile commerce platform in North America and Europe.

The company brings online merchants together in one place to create a huge online mall. Not only do they help companies to find the perfect customers, but they also make the buying experience easier for the customer. It’s the perfect product search engine.


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One big issue about getting an education in our time is that everything we need to know is already readily available to us on the internet. Things that people pay thousands of dollars to learn can be easily found on the internet in just a few clicks. People are starting to ask themselves “is it really important for me to go to college?” Although this is a good question to ask, there are still some pros to college like getting a well rounded education, being given tasks and homework to make sure that you stay on track, and it just looks good to potential employers when you have a college degree.

Now I want to tell you about  Lynda is a privately held online education company that holds thousands of videos and tutorials that teach business, design, art, programing, and more. For only $25 a month you can have thousands of educational tools right at your fingertips. If you want to learn how to do 3D printing, how to create a business startup, or how to teach a child with learning disabilities, Lynda has it all.

Originally Lynda was created as an online support for the books and classes of Lynda Weinman. She was a special affects animator and multimedia professor who founded a digital arts school. In 2004 the website started offering online courses, and by 2015 they have created thousands of educational tools. Lynda was recently bought by LinkedIn for a deal valued at 1.5 Billion. Companies like LinkedIn see the shift to online education and see the marketability of it.

With courses like these readily available at such an affordable price, will there be any need for a traditional college education in the future? Write your thoughts in the comments.

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Alibaba: Costco Online

If Costco and China Town had a baby, it would be Alibaba. Costco sells everything in bulk, China Town sells Chinese knock-offs of everything, and Alibaba is an online empire that sells Chinese knock-offs in bulk.


In 1999 a man named Jack Ma wanted to create a business to business portal to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers. One day while in a coffee shop the name “Alibaba” suddenly came to mind. He asked his waitress if she knew the name. She said “Yes, like Alibaba and the Forty Thieves.” He went out into the street and asked 20 other people if they had heard the name and they all knew of the tale of Alibaba and his iconic “open sesame.”  Jack Ma realized that there was no better name for his business because it opens up new possibilities for small businesses. It is the internet “open sesame” for overseas deals.

Although Alibaba was originally created to be business to business, it has now branched out to have business to consumer and consumer to consumer business models.  Alibaba is now the world’s largest online business to business trading platform for small businesses.

Although the business to business model is the most successful, the other models have proven to be very effective. Every year China celebrated a holiday called “Singles’ Day.” The holiday celebrates people who are single and is the largest online shopping day in the world. In 2014 Alibaba made over 9.3 Billion dollars on Singles’ Day!

Through Alibaba, Jack Ma has created 15 different websites. Jack Ma says that the company  will continue to branch out with new websites for their diverse markets.



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Gravity media

What it is: Gravity Media is a full-service advertising agency looking to help integrate brands into culture. Services include cultural consulting, web and app development, media planning and buying, public relations and more.

How it started:  Co-founder and CEO Yuriy Boykiv was born into poverty in Ukraine, but he’d always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. After arriving in the U.S. during the summer of 2001, Boykiv was about to head back to his home country when September 11 attacks occurred, prolonging his stay in the states. Stranded in a foreign land,  Boykiv went to school and eventually landed a position at a small advertising firm. where he managed DirecTV as a client. Upon noticing his capabilities, DirecTV offered Boykiv a job and eventually became the manager of International Business. One of his responsibilities was to see why certain channels weren’t selling. After visiting the company’s call center he realized some sales people couldn’t tell the difference between a Chinese customer and a Korean customer. He fired 400 people and brought on 600 culturally diverse employees, which resulted in a huge increase in sales. It was then that he “realized if I can do this for DirecTV I could do this for anyone.” He, along with two other Ukrainian friends, built multicultural agency Gravity Media.

Why it’s a winner: While multiculturalism is a great buzzword for companies, Gravity Media has taken it to a whole new level. While all 45 employees are based in the U.S. — the company has offices in Manhattan and Los Angeles — the team consists of international marketing professionals who are fluent in 20 languages and represent 12 nationalities. This is especially helpful in providing services like strategy, design and storytelling to global brands.  Not only has this approach allowed them to secure big-name clients like the CIA and the NBA, but it also earned them accolades at major publications.

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7 principle of successful people

The Seven Principles of Successful People

1. Niche-Building

Go out there and explore the current needs of the market. Look for  loopholes in current situations like weight loss and anti-aging, or  certain gaps in popular product lines. Do not just focus on social  networks like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Go beyond a singular “high risk” platform to obtain more chances of succeeding.

2. Foster Authorship

Be the expert that everyone wanted. You can do so by building a  professional website showcasing your “expertise.” Build on trust and  confidence. In the online world of business, trustworthiness and  reliability go beyond any formal certification or degree.

3. Automate

Make use of new technologies. People look for convenience when shopping  for products or goods online as well as in gathering solutions to their  issues. There is a vast supply of online tools that you can use to aid  in this need. Website forums, automated order and delivery protocols,  secured yet user-friendly payment system, and other customized solution  will help generate revenue for your business 24/7 year-round.

4. Outsource

Outsourcing is one key element in a cost-efficient online business. Tap  virtual assistants online. Sites like iWriter or oDesk or are great sources of staff with specialized skills in accounting, database  management, webhosting, article writing, and so on. Try to delegate  ministerial functions while you concentrate on core competencies of your business.

5. Connect and Link

Reach out and foster a connection with your online audience. Hear out  their sentiments in building a much credible content for your website.  Products reviews, blog comments, discussion boards, testimonials and  case studies are great sources of information for you to bank on.

6. Scalability

Adapt successfully to increasing demands. Finding a lucrative niche,  build your authorship around it and infuse this with a proactive system  via automation. Make use of customer feedback to create successful  promotion tactics and achieve sure success.

7. Finding Sustainable Means

Look for a sustainable way to earn money. Do not rely on a single  productivity scheme. Look for ways that will generate recurring revenues to your business. Make use of renewable subscriptions and other  sustainable point-of-sales. Develop a stable and enduring customer base  via sustainable efforts like newsletters, advice or support.

These aspects may look simple and easy, but be reminded that there is  nothing straightforward about online entrepreneurship. Make your quest  for success in the online world a way of life. Learn to handle  complexities and solve problems without leaving out the fun side of it.  Find a balance doing what you love and making money, all at the same  time. The Internet has continually accumulated quite a number of online  millionaires and billionaires – and you can be next.



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This is a blog post I read a while ago in searching for tips on success using an internet medium. I actually referred to this several times during our final for things that I would say to young entrepreneurs looking to using the internet. The internet is an extremely large pool that entrepreneurs must capitalize on to find success in the future of business. Finding a way to create a small niche that is distinct enough from everything else on the market but has the scalability to draw extremely large revenues is difficult but must be done. Using key tricks of the trade to draw users to your site and then capitalize on as many visits as possible is crucial for survival. Once you’ve established these prior 6 trick for success on the internet we can refer to number 7 in finding way to become sustainable. As the market changes you cant focus solely on just making money you have to pave the way for you company to evolve with time and last as long as possible. These 7 tips are extremely useful to any future entrepreneu

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