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Short Task

Short Task

Started under the parent company Career Mission, which started in 2001, Short Task was launched March 2009.  Career Mission started Short Task in order to provide an outlet for around the world for those looking for work, but not permanent employment.

Their Mission:

Short Task’s mission is to be able to connect those looking for jobs or tasks, with work providers across the world.  For those looking for jobs, they are able to select tasks they would like to complete.  For businesses, it provides access to a skilled workforce.

About Short Task:

Short Task is headquartered in Pasadena, California and was ranked one of the 50 Most Innovative Business Ideas by Springwise and has been considered one of the most effective money-making portals in the business.  They have over 125,000 workers in the database and over 5,000 employers.  Since the start of Short Task, over 1,000,000 tasks have been completed.  In addition Short Task is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Feel free to check out their website here:

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Discovery Engines

Discovery Engines are incredible places to find new information about topics that you enjoy.  Stumbleupon and Pinterest are generally known to be websites that people go on to waste time, which could be true in some circumstances, but they also have a tremendous draw.  People no longer have to leave their homes to learn about their interests, and while you probably couldn’t write a term paper with research purely from Pinterest, it is a great place to go for information simply for your own interest.

These websites are so innovative because they don’t need to create much content themselves, yet they are chock full of content to meet anyone’s desire.  As for Pinterest, their content is almost all user created, making it easy to aggregate websites and provide “pins” for almost any interest.  Stumbleupon simply brings you to a seemingly random website that lines up with the topics that you told Stumbleupon you were interested in.

Both of these discovery engines found a need and filled it.  People had ways to research for academic purposes, but it was difficult to find information in a relaxed setting.  Now it’s possible for someone to find articles and websites in broad subject areas and expand their knowledge without even realizing that’s what they’re doing.

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Cork Cone of Silence – Thinking about Internet Entreprenuership

Staying sane in the Internet World

Often, we find ourselves bombarded by communication on every medium. On our smartphone, computer, banners, television and face to face. We can feel overwhelmed with information, entertainment and gossip – forced to either store it or pitch it. Most of communication/information we forget. This got me thinking about Internet Entrepreneurship and how the medium is difficult because of its very nature.

The internet is a very crowded space, but then again, you could say that having a physical location, product or service is also a crowded space! More importantly, the internet can suck you out of reality. It can make you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unaccomplished. I want to help those people.

Typically, a person who engages in a strictly online business could spend many hours online each day. Probably sitting. Probably not speaking to real humans – but instead writing blogs, interacting on social media and researching new ways to better the business.

I was reading an article about a Cork Cone Helmet to drown out city noise, and that made me think about how an internet entrepreneur could use this helmet a few times during the day, in order to be still and quiet.

I encourage online business men and women to have real life conversations about their online business, not just conversations on twitter. Conversations in the real world are back and forth, like a wave washing on the sea shore, not fragmented, like broken glass. Real conversations = ideation. Twitter conversations = your ideas.

Another really cool product that could help you escape from both the real world and the internet world is the Ostrich Pillow. Go on – read about it. And then buy me one. Sometimes its good to take a nap, especially in the middle of the day.

If you have another way to stay sane while engaging in online business, let me know in the comment section below.

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Why Didn’t I Think of That?

6a0147e102ac3c970b019aff0dc0d4970b-800wiI keep having these moments where I discover a new internet businesses and I have to say to my self, “why didn’t I think of that.”  I think this is an all too common occurrence, even with non-internet based businesses.  I was just reading about several internet businesses and my reaction for these was pretty much what I just described above.  A lot of business models are very simple and have a pretty focused effort that when repeated over and over again creates value and generates revenue.  Sometimes I think I need to be spending less time focusing on the day to day things and spend more time just sitting and brainstorming about potential business Ideas.  I feel like the thing that stops me the most from attempting to implement any of the ideas I have had, is that I find one road block or hole in the idea and then I say to myself, “Oh, that won’t work.”   I need to adopt a different mind-set, the mind-set of an entrepreneur.  If all the people that have created great businesses, that are thriving today, stopped the moment they reached their first roadblock or inconsistency, we wouldn’t have any great businesses.

A couple of these internet businesses that gave me the “Oh, why didn’t I think of that,” moment, are as follows.  SantaMail is a business that was started in 2003 and it is exactly what it sounds like.  People pay around $10 so that a letter from “Santa” will be sent to their children.  The letter actually comes from North Pole, Alaska.  Another business is called The Something Store.  It’s really an interesting idea, where a company houses a ton of different items in a warehouse, you spend $10 and they will send you “Something” from their warehouse.  You have no idea what you are going to get, but it will be worth at least $10, and sometimes quite a bit more.  It could be a necklace, an electronic gadget, it could even be a windows tablet or something much more expensive.  More than anything it seems like a unique way to have some fun with $10 and then wait expectantly for your “something” new.  In fact I actually just ordered “Something.” I’ll have to comment and let you all know what it is when I get it, haha.  I hope it’s a rolex.

The point I guess i’m trying to make with this post, is that there are endless possibilities for new and innovative internet business Ideas.  I need to start thinking more about those possibilities and actually take steps toward actually creating the next internet phenomenon.  You too, should be encouraged to do the same.  Thanks for reading. Also, the article I read which touches on some of these unique businesses can be found here.

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Why the Internet Will Continue to Hurt Cable Services

I am currently sitting on my laptop watching the NBA Playoffs online… For free. This has been a trend for me all NBA season and will continue into the NFL season as well. Currently as a poor college student I do not have the funds to support any type of desire to purchase a monthly cable service fee, but with the change in opportunity in the internet the market is completely shifting.

Watching sporting events that were originally exclusively offered through cable services are all available for free streaming on some website online. Looking into my future I will never fork out the money necessary to own a full cable service when I can watch sports free online and get a extremely inexpensive service online such as Netflix or Hulu.

The market is rapidly changing and large cable networks like Comcast need to adjust rapidly or they will be left behind.

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Draft Kings


Draft Kings is a relatively new internet business that has and is continuing to revolutionize the fantasy sports world. Draft Kings allows its users to play fantasy sports against other users for cash with a new twist. Users are not committed to players on a team for an entire season like the past. This allows users to continue to be interested and driven to be on the app/website religiously. Every week and every day there are opportunities for users to make quick cash.

This business capitalizes on two things men love: betting and sports. They have been doing so well that they have recently received $41 million in investments to continue to grow the business. They boast ingenius ways of getting their users to be loyal users. For every 100 FPPS (Frequent Player points) the user recieves $1.

They are enticing their users by paying them just for using their website. I am excited to see where Draft Kings goes in the future with all of the new capital that they have received. I fully expect big things from this business in the near future.

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Spotify logo


Spotify is a commercial music streaming service that provides music media directly to listeners. This music can be browsed through a variety of different options such as artist, genre, album or lyric.

Spotify offers a freemium model to their consumers that allows them to listen to an endless variety of different artists and songs for free. They have multiple revenue streams which make them into an extremely versatile business. Within their freemium model they have short advertisements in between songs after a certain amount.

The freemium model is specifically targeting towards college students. This is because College students are willing to listen to short ads in between songs as long as they don’t have to pay any money. This truth has led to Spotify taking a large share of the music streaming market.

The users can also pay a subscription fee which gives them a premium service. This premium service takes away all of the ads that typically would play in between songs as well as allowing the user to download the music and listen to it offline. Overall through smart positioning Spotify has done a great job positioning itself in a pretty absorbed market.


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