1. Just start – Whether it’s StumbleUpon account, introducing yourself to a colleague for lunch, or creating a blog you’ve got to start somewhere. Why wait till tomorrow, when you can begin today? Networks and brands take time to build. Remember, a great reputation is the most difficult thing to build and maintain, and always the first thing to be lost. One way to sacrifice your reputation is by sacrificing your message.

2. Stick with a consistent message – The presidential race this year has been a perfect example of utilizing a consistent message. Mitt Romney tailored his approach on a state by state basis, promising each state what they wanted to hear. McCain, took his blunt approach to each state, telling Michigan that the Automotive Industry was on the way out, and sticking by the war – looks who’s consistent message has risen to the top of the ballot. Obama’s optimistic message of change has resonated everywhere he’s set foot, and he’s established himself as the premier political “brand”. Obamanation is gripping, and his audiences can depend on hearing his message of change. More articulately, change we can believe in. Whether or not you like his political stances, his campaign has a feverish excitement that turns heads, the same way an excellent marketing campaign would. Sticking with a consistent message and pounding it home is favorable with viewers and readers everywhere. Find a subject you’re passionate about and start writing today. Don’t change your approach to please one person. There’s always somebody who will disagree.

3. Get your name out there – Link and link and link. Promote yourself without shame, and do what you can to strengthen your reader base. Take time to comment on other people’s accounts, maintain your consistent message and continue to get yourself out there. Introducing yourself both in real life and online can be an intimidating experience. By the time you click submit or shake that hand you won’t regret it.

4 Responses to “3 Keys to Networking and Branding”

  1. Have any ideas on figuring out what “brand” someone should promote themselves as? Is it like what image you are setting forth?

  2. I’d say a brand is something you can consistently identify yourself with. Think of animal branding, it’s a physical mark on their flesh that identifies them. Brands come with visuals, such as colors, logos, shapes of products, etcetera, but they also come with messages.

    Take the example of a job interview. You can try to portray yourself as somebody who can do it all, but my guess is they’ll be more interested in you, if you’re truly the authority on one or two areas.

  3. I definitely agree with the above comment. Branding is all about differentiating yourself from everyone else. It’s the thing that makes you unique. An easy way to identify a given brand is to think of a product (or an individual in this case) and see what immediately comes to mind. That’s the brand. Take grove city college for example. The first thing that comes to mind is “good education for not much money”. That’s the college’s brand.

  4. I agree with this blog and I think it is great. In the online world it is very important to get your name out. The best way to do this is by branding and linking to multiple places that have their own major brand names. I just wrote an article a post on linking- It isn’t that in depth but it shows the gist of what needs to be done to link and how much work you need to put into getting links.

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