Think about how big youtube is… okay so it’s one of the defining vehicles of entertainment on the internet. One thing youtube lacks, however, is full episodes of high video quality of the latest hottest television. It doesn’t take much to imagine television diversifying in a major way towards the internet. Hulu is a big first step in the right direction.  Hulu isn’t huge… yet, here’s why it will be…

  1. Hulu is free
  2. Hulu is convenient, watch on your own time
  3. Hulu saves time by cutting out long commercials
  4. Hulu has the hottest, newest, unreleased TV shows available
  5. Hulu is viral, it includes clips, commercials, and movies

So here’s the deal, ultimately Hulu saves you money. In the rapidly advancing technology of our day the internet is becoming more and more a determined part of our lives and culture: more so than TV. TV is here to stay, but it is going online where the rest of the world is waiting. Why pay for internet and cable/satellite when you can have 2 for the price of 1.


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