In our culture, women are constantly bombarded with negative feedback on their self-image. Even though the trend has swung from “you’re not skinny enough” to “you’re not muscular/healthy enough”, everyone is still trying to lose weight and look perfectly airbrushed. Any beauty site you go to will provide you with products to buy and diets to pick from. But 26-year old entrepreneur Alexis Wolfer is working to change that.

In 2010 she launched her site The Beauty Bean. It stands out from the competition in a very positive way. Rather than providing you with the skimpy diet you need to look better, there are articles on just solid nourishment. Rather than exercise plans to get a better bikini body, there are exercise plans to simply improve your mood. Rather than telling girls to be sexier by wearing less, they say to dance, laugh, and give yourself a mantra. The entire atmosphere of the website is based upon a level of self-confidence and acceptance of women the way they are. Instead of assuming women go to beauty websites out of insecurity and need for improvement, Alexis makes her website free of those unhealthy diet and weight loss messages.

I also admire her work because of the Makeup Free Mondays Movement. Every Monday, she goes without doing anything to her face and encourages others to do the same. It frees women that cling to makeup as a mask for their insecurities. She has even gotten several celebrities to join the movement with her, to let every girl know that they are beautiful without needing all the excess work. Wolfer believes that wearing makeup should be for fun, not done out of fear, and I entirely agree.

Check out her full interview with Fox Business here.

2 Responses to “A True Beauty Entrepreneur”

  1. Great article! I think you outline some great points: identify where there is a real need, address the problem in your own unique way, offer something that cannot be gotten elsewhere, get others on board, and be willing to take risks. Additionally I really like how she has designed her site and made it stand out. The Beautify, Sweat, Lust, Nourish, and Pamper navigation supports her deviant way of thinking and makes me want to explore!

  2. Wow that is a great post and a great idea! The internet is ridiculous with all the diets and ways to lose weight to get your beach body. They are all garbage. Finally someone has become realistic and found a need and is fixing the problem. Great entrepreneurship.

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