It's every student's worst nightmare. You're walking to class, trip, and then suddenly your [semi]productive academic life is over. Your laptop hits the pavement and sojourns to where all good laptops go when they die.

Wait… don't despair! If you use this amazing new tool, your academic career can soldier on. humyo is a new file storage site with the typical web 2.0 features, quirky name and symbol, rounded lowercase letters on logo, and simple/funky colors.

Humyo File Storage

What IS not typical is the 30GB of free storage! Yep, that is 30 Gigabytes… as in 30,000 Megabytes. 25GB are allocated for music, videos, and photos, and 5 GB for things such as: documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, etc. Backup all that troublesome homework.

This site makes big strides forward and not just 30 gigs of free storage; it is all streamable! It's no longer necessary to download the file or song. Access or play it right from the net. It's even possible to edit files and save the changes online.

What more could you possibly want? To share it with all yourBroken laptop - files no more friends? Yep, you can do that too. YOU choose what files/folders are public and then provide your buds with the URL and they can download or stream to their techie-hearts content. Unlike most mail clients, there is no limit to the size of the file. Send links to access files/folders or even embed a music player. All these files can even be accessed and streamed to a phone.

How secure could all this be? Not only does humyo have 256-bit SSL encryption, firewall, and a partitioned network; it's also all stored in a former bank vault.

To wrap it all up, humyo has a desktop client that can synchronize your documents, and keeps them backed up online. This can sync multiple computers, and functions like another drive (14 day trial for the desktop client).

This tool is so powerful and useful; unbelievably, it's free. (An upgrade is available to 100 GB for $70 a year only ~only $6 a month)

Don't risk your laptop being stolen or failing; back-up your computer with humyo!

2 Responses to “access your life | humyo file storage”

  1. Very cool concept. It was something I had put in the back of my mind as a business concept. There were already so many companies providing backup services in the corporate environment, this seems to be the first company that effectively provides backup for the consumer market. Do you see any downsides to the product? Is your information at all vulnerable?

  2. The main downside I can think of off the top of my head is that the desktop client tool is only a 14 day trial. I tried it and it is pretty cool. You can have iTunes stream your music from your “drive”. So I could have a laptop with no music on it and still listen to my 10 gigs.

    It really is a great product and I’m testing it now by allowing friends to access some files and music. It is a comfort to know that if I lost my laptop, I could easily retrieve all my files.

    From what I’ve read your stored files are VERY secure. Even the files you make “public” only work from the personalized URL you send someone.

    Might be nice if they added more powerful collaborative tools.


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