digital-downloadIn our world today the sale and purchase of digital content has become increasingly popular.  It’s pretty easy to see why this might be.  First of all when you buy something digital, such as a game or a program or online tool, you have access to that program from pretty much anywhere because that purchase is usually associated with your account.   So if, for example, you purchase an expensive program and download it to your computer and your computer contracts a virus that basically ruins it, you can still have access to that program with a new computer.  In the past when programs were issued as physical data on CD’s or DVD’s, if for some reason you lose the CD-ROM or it is damaged beyond use, you are out of luck and you have to re-purchase the program.  So the benefits of digital downloads for books, programs, games, and the like are quite clear.

However, there are certain trade-offs with digital purchases.  It used to be that if I had purchased a physical copy of a program, game, or book, I had something of value that I could potentially re-sell after using it or reading it.  You really can’t do this with digital content.  There is no way to transfer ownership of a digital download or something similar without being guilty of some form of piracy.  Back in the day when I had physical copies of games, DVD’s, or CD’s, after I was tired of them or didn’t want them anymore I would often sell them on eBay and get a decent price back for my initial investment.  You really can’t do this anymore with digital content.  This I would say is the major downside of purchasing digital content, you really aren’t getting something that is valuable for re-sale when you’re done with it.

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