When Amazon came along, it was not the only online sales website in existence, yet it has risen to obtain market dominance against all odds. Why did this happen? What did amazon do that websites like EBay didn’t?

For one, Amazon’s owners made sure to focus on customer service at all times. Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezos, said “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” This focus continues today with Amazon, as it’s not unusual for Amazon to take the side of the customer regardless of the situation.

One example of Amazon’s excellent customer support comes straight from one of my own experiences. I made a purchase that arrived missing a cord that was needed to use the device. After I put in a support request, I came to realize that the cord was usually sold separately. Even after I told the support representative to cancel the original request, he still offered to refund my shipping costs; something which I wasn’t expecting at all.

This kind of customer support is something that I feel would benefit any internet company attempting to make a name for themselves. Since an online transaction is usually a faceless endeavor, being able to provide support that appears human and is helpful will speak volumes about the quality of your company. This is definitely something I hope to utilize if I ever end up managing a company.

2 Responses to “Amazon and its Customer Service”

  1. Rachel Watson says:

    Amazon seriously does have the best customer service. It is so important to remember that with any of our internet based businesses. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazon has the best customer service ever, they response email very fast, and in my experience, I sold used books on amazon, it offers a higher price than our college, but the book was lost, and they didn’t receive my package, after showing them my package delivery receipt, they still gave me the gift card.

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