So it looks like amazon is expanding into yet another market.  The television program industry?  Turns out they are bringing in and hosting original tv series on their instant video channel one month at a time and will decide on which one to run with.  I know it’s a thing for large online companies to go after multiple markets, but TV shows?  I want to know how that decision went down.

2 Responses to “Amazon TV”

  1. Harrington says:

    I dont really understand what exactly they are doing. Why would they expand into a field that is completely different from there own?? This idea does not sound like it was well thought out.

  2. hadleyad1 says:

    I’m Skeptical. I remember learning about diversification in marketing class, and this seems like a prime case for a company who took it too far too fast. Maybe amazon has enough money to pump into it till it takes off, looks like one of those “Million dollar mistakes”. Only time will tell

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