Nowadays, there doesn’t seem to be anything that brings America together politically.  Fortunately, for the entrepreneur, there is one thing that both parties agree on: small businesses are great.  A Gallup survey in 2012 found that 95% of Republicans and 94% of Democrats have a positive view of small businesses, even as the disparity between their respective views of government and big corporations continues to grow.  Why the affinity?

1. Small Business Owner’s = American Dream

In a rather romanticized notion, the small business owner embodies what the American dream used to be out.  Picking oneself up from your bootstraps, and making a difference in the world.

2. Americans love “Acorn to Oak” stories

While big corporations aren’t viewed favorably by the majority of Americans, there is an appeal to the idea that every big company started as a small one.

3. Americans always love the underdog

Small-businesses force extraordinary risks, including their homes and livelihood, with a very unfavorable chance of

Underdog Entrepreneur Saves the Day

survival.  The “big evil companies” have almost insurmountable barriers to entry and small business owners tend to work more and get paid less than everyone else.  However, it is the underdogs that always win the day in the American imagination.  Likewise, the small business underdog gets rooted for by the American public.

4. Small business owners appear honest and ethical

When the store is owned by your neighbor’s second-cousin’s mailman’s prom date, you tend to feel like you can trust them more.  They’re practically family, right?

  5. The middle class feels like small businesses are their backbone

More than double the amount of Americans feel like small businesses have sustained the middle class, versus big corporations, the federal government, or labor unions.

All of this adds up to very good news for entrepreneurs, both in the business world and political arena.

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  1. Adam Sprecher says:

    Starting businesses is an American tradition. Entrepreneurs should definitely use this positive perception to their advantage whenever possible.

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