Several GCC students ran in the Pittsburgh Marathon events this weekend. There’s an app for that too.

Larger marathons often have an app to go with their events, and the Pittsburgh Marathon is no exception. The app is one place for participants and spectators to go to get all their information – race day info such as corral and parking locations, maps, runner tracking and more. It’s a lot more concise and convenient than scrolling through the website.

pittsburghmarathonappIn my experience, apps like this improve participant and spectator experience. I watched some of my family members and friends run in the Chicago marathon last fall. Their app was very helpful in navigating the city and course. In addition, after signing up to track certain runners, I received notifications when they passed checkpoints along the course, so we could plan where to be to see them. When I used the Pittsburgh app this weekend, I appreciated being able to quickly access information about the expo (event before the marathon at which runners can pick up their bib numbers), corrals, and the course. The app also sends push notifications about new information such as emergency weather updates.

By making an event run more smoothly, apps like this encourage more participants and spectators to come in following years, which helps not only participants but also those putting on the event. When events are run well it creates pressure for other events to improve as well. So when they help events run smoothly, these event apps benefit all parties.


4 Responses to “Apps for One Time Events: the Pittsburgh Marathon”

  1. vaneerdenjk1 says:

    That’s really interesting and definitely meets a need. My older brother runs the Marine Corps Marathon in DC every year and tracking him can be a total nightmare. I think that creating an “Event App” where each of these major events were covered would be even more convenient. That way it would remove the need to constantly be downloading individual apps for individual events. It could even cover large scale music festivals/concerts.

  2. kimpelec1 says:

    Okay wow I totally wish I would have known about this app before seeing the marathon runners on Sunday. I was there supporting my boyfriend and his relay teammates run the marathon and this app would have been super helpful to know when each of them took off and when they finished their leg. That might have even saved us the TWO HOURS it took us to find one of his teammates after everyone was done and back to the car. This is such a great idea and I know would be super beneficial to many people!

  3. Today’s Generation’s primary language is tech. An app that is incorporated in social function will boost the attendance rate of millennials.

  4. I’ve never been big into apps made just for one event but I see that there’s a market there. As a spectator, I’d just like to watch the event but I can see how there might be some helpful features. App development isn’t cheap and I question if it’s worth it but I’m not sure.

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