So I found this video and it got me thinking.  Excluding the random crude language it makes the likely correct point that introverted people likely spend more time on the internet than extroverts so what does this mean?

Are introverts more likely to be internet entrepreneurs because they spend the most time on their computers or are they more likely just the customers of internet entrepreneurs?

The truth is I couldn’t find any conclusive evidence pointing one way of the other but it raises some questions about targeting for internet entrepreneurs.  Who is your site geared at and can it be optimized to target one of these groups in particular.

However, if you are an introvert out there don’t worry, there is plenty of room for introverted entrepreneurship.  If you have that entrepreneurial spark but just don’t like talking to people, there are still many avenues for you.  I encourage you to read this enlightening interview with Jonathon Colman on this subject.

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