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Dwellicious – In the market for a new house?

Are you in the market for a new house? I recommend using Dwellicious to keep track of all the real estate that you like.  Dwellicious is ann easy to use tool that bookmarks all of your favorite properties on their website.  It will dynamically change if there are changes on the main website.  It has RSS feed and sharing tools so you can share the locations with your friends and family and get feedback. Dwellicious fills the gap where your family living hundreds of miles away can easily help you make decision and stay organized.

Dwellicious has a Pro account option for real estate agents.  If Dwellicious gains a lot of attention from home buyers, real estate agents will definately flock to the website to pay and get their properties promoted.  It also allows the agents to contact visitors that have visited their property’s page for feedback.  Dwellicious is a great lead generator for real estate agents.

Dwellicious provides a useful tool for home buyers looking to organuze their search, as well as for real estate agents who are looking to generate more sales leads.

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ForceDo – A To Do list that forces you to get things done

ForceDo is a unique web 2.0 website that keeps track of your tasks.  Sure, there are a lot of websites and tools that keep track of things todo, but ForceDo starts a timer and produces sounds that encourage you throughout your task.  This tool is useful for people who spend a lot of time on the internet.  As I zoned out writing this post, ForceDo’s “Go Go Go!” sound returned my focus to my goal…finishing this blog post.  It has a simple interface that is very easy to use and it provides a useful service.

I am unsure how ForceDo will make any money.  They currently have no ads and do not charge for any of their services.  It seems that ForceDo is a “Ready, Fire, Aim” company that is getting trying to get a customer base before it decides on how it will make money.  I would like to see more features, such as syncing with Outlook Tasks and other task software.  Overall, ForceDo has a lot of potential as soon as they establish their customer base and figure out away to monetize its service.

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Learn to Innovate

Innovation is possibly the most important part of entrepreneurship.  At its core, innovation is generating ideas that solve a pain or problem that someone has.  I feel that teaching people to innovate will make individuals more useful in the business world.  Ellen Domb has a great article describing the background and some techniques of innovation.

Several innovation methodologies are given by Domb:

Some of these websites are very strange, but others may be useful in generating unique ideas.  Domb uses TRIZ in an example and cites the TRIZ Journal as the best place to start learning about the methodology.

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Improving Web Presence with Squidoo and HubPages

Squidoo allows anyone to create a lens about anything that builds on other web 2.0 tools.  People are using Squidoo to improve their internet marketing.  Ron Passfield gives 6 reasons that you should use Squidoo for internet marketing:

  1. Establish yourself as an expert
  2. Generate Traffic to your website or blog
  3. Promote your articles
  4. Achieve search engine optimization at no cost
  5. Use a wider range of keywords to capture more traffic
  6. Get a quality backlink at no cost is getting better results from Squidoo and Google changes are possibly some causes for the improved rankings by using Hubpages.  They are very similar sites and both can be used to gain th six benefits listed above.  I suggest that companies use both websites for internet marketing.

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Kiva and MicroPlace – Similar yet different

I ran across an article describing the differences between Kiva and its competitor MicroPlace. Both websites are microfinance lending sites to benefit entrepreneurs in poverty.

MicroPlace is right for you if you are:

  • Interested in making some profit from your contribution
  • Intrigued by the microcredit security and want to try it out
  • An investor who wants to invest in something with a social impact
  • Willing to provide the financial information necessary to start
Kiva is right for you if you are:

  • Someone who just wants to get started right away!
  • Willing to loan money to someone without being paid interest
Both models are working well for each company, but how will they work in the future.  Kiva has an issue with being too popular and cannot get enough entrepreneurs that need money.  MicroPlace provides interest to the investor, but entrepreneurs in need will probably want to have as little interest charged as possible.
I personally feel that once MicroPlace becomes more popular, donators will migrate from Kiva to MicroPlace in order to receive interest.  Yet entrepreneurs in need will want to use Kiva in order to pay less money back.  Only time will tell if one of these microfinance companies will perform better than the other.
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