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New Carbon Offset Website Empowers Social Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered how big a carbon footprint you leave when you throw away a Snickers wrapper?  Well I definitely haven’t and I honestly don’t care, but if you do there’s a tool out there for social entrepreneurs to take advantage of and make an impact.

Carbon Advice Group is a web community that allows individuals to create micro-sites and share new ways of reducing carbon foot-printing.

This site makes it easy for environmental activists to share information with friends, family, and coworkers while at the same time opening doors for them to further their knowledge by taking advantage of the micro-sites of other carbon footprint enthusiasts.

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Faces of Social Entrepreneurship

After entering “Social Entrepreneurship” into the Digg search engine, one of the most popular items I found was an article off the New York Times written last year about entrepreneurs making an impact on society.

The story of Michael Gainer really stuck out to me as a shining example of a young entrepreneur giving back to his community.  A 34-year old resident of Buffalo, Michael has turned Buffalo’s plans to destroy over 10,000 houses over the next 10 years into an environmentally friendly way of reusing old building materials.

Buffalo ReUse collects old and unused building materials and sells them to craftsmen that can use them such as carpenters and metalworkers, putting to use what would otherwise be wasted.  Gainer also goes out of his way to hire young people from the Buffalo area to fill marketing and graphic design positions in order to mentor them and develop young talent.

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Kiva Loans Capital to World's Poorest is an innovative non-profit organization that takes entrepreneurs from some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world and essentially gives them the capital to start their own business.  Kiva uses their website as a marketing tool, a weblog, and a means by which members can monitor how much money they’ve lent and to whom.

One aspect of that I believe is a very useful marketing tool is their “Community” tab.  Kiva allows members to join various “Lending Teams” and pool the money they’re lending together towards whatever cause or dogma they uphold (i.e. Kiva Christians, Team Obama, Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender, Team Europe, etc…).  Each respective team is ranked against other teams by how much money they’ve raised.

I like the way Kiva’s purpose is to help the poor by creating virtual VCs in order to create accountability, and their site does an excellent job of turning the cause of raising money into a competition between various regions, belief systems, and (in the case of GLBT) sexual preference.

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Fantasy Sports = $$$

I never had much interest in fantasy football, let alone any other fantasy sport.  This all changed after one of my buddies from home hit my interest in fall of 2008.  I was immediately hooked and determined to learn as much as I possibly could about the subject.  I asked my friend if he knew of any good websites about fantasy sports.  Enter

Walter Football is the ultimate source for any and all fantasy sports rankings, mock drafts, tournament picks, etc…  There is a virtual smorgisbord of information on current fantasy sports to be found at this site, which when combined with his wry humor and good advice creates a winning recipe for catching the interest of any fantasy sports enthusiast.

Walter, the author and webmaster of the site, is a Penn State alum who lives in Philly and does little more than watch sports and write about them.  His website is also one of the most well-known and respected fantasy sites on the Web.

This is a perfect example of an internet entrepreneur who took something he loved, turned it into a website, worked his butt off, and now makes a comfortable living off of nothing more than a little sports-writing and mock fantasy drafts.

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Digg: Keeping Up with Current Events

For years internet surfers were forced to use mediums such as forums and blogs to share interesting web content.  That was before Digg.

Digg is a community of internet users devoted to finding fun, instructive, goofy, and all manners of sites and videos in order to filter quality web content from the swill.

A Digg user begins by posting a link and making a title.  It is then sent to the top of Digg’s list of “Upcoming” tab.  If anyone thinks the link is interesting they can “Digg” the link.  Based on the link’s popularity it will either get put on the front page of Digg in the “Popular” tab and on the front page of its respective category or it will eventually get thrown out.

I decided to see what the most popular Digg articles are in the past “365 Days” and as a result found an article that really stuck out to me.

This is the second most Digged article in the past year titled “The Story of Prisoner F95488.” It is a story about blatant racism going unanswered. It’s a story about what happens when nobody’s willing to stand up for what’s right.  The story of Eric Frimpong leaves a taste of absolute disgust in my mouth in regards to the American judicial system.

But since this is America and we’re all (at least for now) entitled to our own opinion go ahead and read for yourself…

Caption: “One’s a rising soccer star.  The other’s a self-described jealous boyfriend.  One had no physical evidence linking him to a rape.  The other had matched DNA and teeth marks.  One’s black.  The other’s white.  One was convicted.  The other was never a suspect.”

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