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This company is an internet based job search company which makes jobs available to the public and makes their site available for companies to post jobs.

It also gives in-depth tips to help people apply for jobs including;  10 cover letter don’ts, seven deadly sins for new hires, and behavioral interview tips. also allows you to post your resume on their site where businesses can come to the site and look at them. This could be helpful for someone who is just coming out of college to post their resume and then continue to work on their studies.

They also have a search for people to find their specific community, such as for military, teachers, or fine arts. seems like a great internet resource for people and companies to join together and communicate on what the companies want and allows individuals to pick what companies they want.

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Social Media Top 3

The top 3 companies that use Social Media most effectively, as posted by Amy Porterfield (a social media strategy consultant), are;

1): Martell Home Builders: they are a construction company based in Canada where there goal is to create a direct path from the builders to the consumers. So there website is very user friendly and most of their leads come from other buyers who have previously used the company.

2): Zappos: This is a very popular user friendly internet based shoe company. They use strategies such as fan of the week and allow comments on their website from buyers and their reactions. They are very successful and have a solid company structure.

3): Giantnerd: This is a company that sells outdoor equipment for activities such as hiking and biking. They are dedicated to selling their product but also becoming friends with their customers as well. They have set up their site in a way that encourages a social network where customers can talk to each other. Another aspect of their site is called WikiNerdia. This is where anybody can post questions about different products and then the other consumers that use the site answer it for you. This works well for Giantnerd because their customers do their selling for them. Along with this you can also look up older topics and posts about different products sold.

These companies can be used as examples as how to effectively use social media into your business. If you can’t think of strategies yourself you might as well look for them in companies where it works.

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Social Media: the ins and the outs

This social media youtube video gives everything you need to know about using social media in every aspect of your life. From personal, to small business, to big business. This video gives a good visual aid which I am not able to achieve just using blogging, so learn and start developing your social media skills.

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This website is based on the belief that anybody can and will post anything they want to on the internet. It is based on the fact that if people hear a story, real or fake they can post it and let people figure it out for themselves.

The posts are separated into different headings such as, most controversial, what’s hot, and top post. And you can search different posts with a huge bar at the top that includes topics such as funny, politics, gaming, worldnews, videos, and askreddit. The askreddit are posts where anybody can post any random question that comes to their mind i.e. “What song, if you hear it while driving, will inexplicably make you want to drive a billion miles per hour?” This resulted in 1690 comments in 6 hours. For these questions they have a panel of 22 ‘moderators’ who regulate different specifications such as no poll type questions and no yes or no questions either. You can also get banned by this board of moderators if you post any personal information and you can easily contact any one of these if one of your posts disappear or  you have any problems at all.

They also have a list of guidelines and tips for making a good post and what other kind of posts are going to get banned. It seems pretty clear but leaves a lot of room to post whatever any one wants to. All you need is a username and a password, email is optional.

So sign up and start posting.

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How the NFL uses Social Media

They use Facebook fan pages to have fans support the team by declaring that they are fans

Top 5 fan pages on Facebok:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

2. Minnesota Vikings

3. Indianapolis Colts

4. Green Bay Packers

5. Washington Redskins

They use Twitter Accounts with followers for teams and not to mention a ton of players with followers who have individual accounts that tell about different aspects of things that are happening off the field.

Top 5 followings:

1. New England Patriots

2. San Diego Chargers

3. New York Jets

4. Oakland Raiders

5. San Francisco 49ers

People believe though that Social Media for the NFL and all sports teams is a source of advertising and media that is very much untapped. Very few of these organizations have professionals running the social media system and they don’t know how to effectively use this tool. Doesn’t mean they are doing it wrong since they obviously keep making tons of money, but the point is still being pushed by people around the country.

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