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Challenges of Starting a new website Part 2 (solution)

In my previous Post Challenges of Starting a new website Part 1.  I talked about my new website My Weekend Trip Planner and how difficult it is to get your website discovered.  It is very difficult to get that initial traffic to the sight especially because SEO is really hurt by the fact that the site is so new. It is important to build the traffic to your site at least initially through other sources then just search engine.  These ways can be things like word or mouth or paid advertisements.  One of the ways I have found that works the best is social media.  Social media is extremely important especially for discovering a website.  You need to use social media to create a buzz for example on My Weekend Trip Planner when I launched the site I changed my status on Facebook to announce the launch of my new site.  I also tweeted it.  I received 30 visits from that in 4 hours.  This is perfect example of you can use social media to tell people about your site hopefully they will then tell their friends and the result can be viral.  This will then increase the likely hood people liking to you and before you know have a powerful website.

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Challenges of Starting a new website Part 1

I just recently built a site for this class called My Weekend Trip Planner.  It is a great website and I think you should check it out on a side note. Upon completing the site I realized that there are definitely a lot of challenges that need to be overcome in order for your website to be successful. Take my website My Weekend Trip Planner, it is a website tells people about great weekend trips that are located right next to them.  These trips are meant to be affordable and for people that can’t use vacation days. I think this is viral idea and it has a lot of potential.

The Problems

The Problem is having people find your website.  The internet is a big place and there are literally millions of website out there.  How is Google going to find you how are you going to be found.  SEO is essential, but when a website is created it has a lot of disadvantage that really hurt it SEO.  First, Google like sites that have existed for awhile.  This makes sense because Google wants to make sure that the website is some fake that was just created to rick people.  Another huge problem s since you were just created you obviously don’t have any links.  Links are the currency of the web.  It is essential to have a lot of links to your website this will really boost Google’s image of your site, but that takes time, but if no one knows you exist how are they going to link to you.  Finally a news site doesn’t have a lot of content because it was just created.  These are all issues that really devastate a website.  In my next blog I will talk about possible solutions to help get your site discovered.


PS You should visit My Weekend Trip Planner and submit a vacation.

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Mistakes Small businesses make on the Internet

The competition for small businesses is intense.  The are faced with competition in every area.  A lot of their competition is from big corporations that have large marketing budgets and better name recognition.  The odds are against them but one thing that does level the playing field slightly is the web.  Although large companies do still have the advantage the internet is big enough for small business to cut out a nice market for themselves.  Unfortunately small business often make key mistakes that force them out of the market.  Here are some common mistakes small business make:

  • ignore the importance of the internet
  • poor maintenance of a site
  • Not advertising the site
  • ignore local submissions sites
  • ignore monitoring and analyzing results


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Obama plans to spend 1 billion on his campaign, way to responsible

Obama announced on his website that he would be starting his campaign for re-election.  This is earlier than what is usually done by incumbent presidents.  President Obama is starting to raise money for his campaign so early because he wants to raise a record breaking 1 billion dollars for the 2012 elections.  If he accomplishes his goal, this will be the largest amount of money anyone has ever raised for an  election campaign.  As a concerned citizen I was outraged when I heard of this for several reasons.  First off and most importantly America is coming out of a huge recession and we need a strong leader who can help guide us through this recession.  Obama’s job is to run the country not be trying to get re-elected already.  If a president is doing a good job of running the country than people will want to re-elect him.  By the fact that he is starting his campaign so early, I feel it is a strong sign that he is not doing a good job of being our president.  This just goes to show that the only thing Obama thinks he does well is marketing.  Secondly, America is terribly in debt and people are hurting from this recession.  The last thing America needs is their president to be breaking records on the amount of money he is spending on his campaign.  He should be practicing being fiscally conservative because that is what the American people need.  It show that he is not fiscally responsible when it comes to money.  Cares about being re-elected more than helping America.  I feel this is not the right move for Obama to be making and it is very irresponsible, but I am only one US citizen.  Let me know what you think.  Leave a comment.

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Kiva: Creating an Industry of Philanthropists

I have been an long time support of Kiva.  It is a great company that makes it so easy to help other people. It empowers people by allowing them to give money to back up micro loans that would otherwise be to risky to do without Kiva guaranteeing them. Kiva has exploded since it creation.  Kiva has allowed hundred of other get ministries to form because of Kiva.  Kiva is the Ebay of ministry.  Kiva has a whole page of plugins people have created on Firefox for Kiva.  It has allowed ministries such as World Vision to find people who could really use loans and use the Kiva platform to fund their client.  Alalay sa Kaunlaran, Inc. is a company that was founded in 1986.  It was started by a group of Christian businessmen who wanted to help with Philipians issues with poverty and unemployment.   Kiva has given this group of businessmen the tools and resources they need to effectively minister to their community.  Alalay sa Kaunlaran has been on Kiva since 2008 and they have loaned over 2,000,000 dollars on Kiva.  Kiva has revolutionized the way people raise money for 3rd world businessman.  Kiva is a perfect example of how powerful the internet is.  Kiva was an origination that wanted to get involved in micro financing, but because of the power of the internet.  Kiva has allowed normal people to kelp a taxi drive in the Congo receive a loan to fix his car.  Or another example would a boy from Ohio can help father with 6 kids build his house.  Kiva and the internet has opened up huge opportunities to help people who really need loan.


By Ford Jordan | SEO, Webdesign, Sports, and Business

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