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Youtube Video Annoying Orange Makes it to WSJ

Are you bored? Do you need something weekly to watch and laugh?  Typical Web 2.0, user generated content on Youtube  video, “Annoying Orange” can be your new favorite video. (new episodes come out every Friday).

Everyone’s “least” favorite (definitely my favorite) short movie series “Annoying Orange” is now written on the front page article of the Wall Street Journal.

It started out of this individual Dane Boedigheimer who recorded his voice and took out his eyes (only one side and duplicating for both) and lips, turning them to yellow to match with the generic orange, a fruit. Its obnoxious look and dark humor became instantly a billion hit on youtube.

The article talks about how the creator  Boedigheimer made it into a business, which now sells t-shirts and weekly launches new episodes. He is now making his living by that video through advertisement revenue and t-shirt sales.

This orange is really annoying, but once you see this, it is stuck in your head. You will hear never ending echo… “Hey Apple, hey, hey Apple, hey…”

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Wikipedia – the way of Social Entrepreneurship

When you have some word that you do not understand, what do you do? Do you verify what it is by quickly typing and search for that word?

Wikipedia is a non-profit organization that brings knowledge of thousands together to make itself into a central station for anyone using the Internet.

Some things are regulated and limited to be done, such as editing too many times with a frequent manner.

It gives fairly good information and most of the college and high school students start researching materials on this info base.

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Google Map starts 3D projection

You know people are crazy about 3D now. Google earth also started a service, though it is very limited yet, to show buildings 3D with special 3D glasses. Now you can take a walk without going out and hassles of crowds.

The only thing that they could improve is to make it in a form that doesn’t need glasses to make the website pop. People hated 3D glasses when they had to wear for Avatar is a famous story that everyone hears.

Now the media is experiencing the change of technology towards 3D. Although 3D is not for everyone, it will be a billion jackpot if you can find a way to permeate in the society.

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Intellectual property issue in Creative Commons

When you find something like Creative Commons, you always face intellectual property issues and freedom of speech.

In a country like China, where Google recently withdrew from providing search engine service, censorship is overly strict and people don’t have freedom in sharing their thoughts as freely as people in the US do.

China has also a huge issue in intellectual property. It is almost impossible to regulate patent law internationally with China and it will be a big obstacle that culture or media sharing service like Creative Commons has to face.

It will be interesting to see how the issue about that would go with this organization from now.

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Ever Wondered When Sun Comes Out?

If you have someone you know in abroad and wondered what time of a day they are in, this is a very useful tool that you can set it as a background of your laptop. Launched from, Desktop Earth is a free desktop background that shows world map with sunlight and cloud updated every three hour. Just looking at your laptop background, you will see if your loved one is in the middle of day or night time and cloud is also updated as the time goes by.  So you will know roughly if it’s raining or very good weather.

It is a bit large-scalled, but it is a great global stalking tool.

desktop earth

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