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Alchemy Goods: Turn Trash into Trash with a Price Tag

Over the past several years practical-use items made from recyclable materials have increased in popularity at a dramatic rate. From clothes and bags to water bottles and wallets, people love to show off the “difference” they are making in the environment. Alchemy Goods saw the demand and growing popularity of selling recycled products and decided to get in on the action.

When Alchemy owner Eli Reich’s messenger bag was stolen, he decided that instead of buying another, he would make one himself. Eli had plenty of bicycle inner tubes lying around, so he decided to make it the primary material for his new bag. Long story short, the completed product was a huge hit at the office, and Eli began to make them on a much larger scale. Today, Alchemy products are carried in many stores across the country, and offers much more than just bags.

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Thankster: The Best Way to Give Thanks

Thankster is online business that allows you to create your own thank you cards that you can send to friends and family. Thankster realized that thank you cards tend to be quite generic and lack the personalization required to make them feel sincere. With that in mind they created a website where their users can create cards from the comfort of their own sofa. The cards can be created from their website and can even include the option to provide video.

Once on the website you have the option to choose any part of the card. You can choose your picture, write your note, choose the writing, and choose who to send it to. To create a card you must first choose the occasion or reason for sending the card and choosing the design for the card. Once you have designed that card you can then add your message and even include a gift. After the card is completed Thankster will even print and send the cards for you.

Thankster makes saying thank you easy!


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Three Tips for Incorporating Social Media into Your Business

Blog, Blog, Blog, and more Blog

  • Blogging is one of the most effective strategies in social media.
  • Studies show that businesses that blog regularly are are more than twice as likely to generate leads via their website as businesses that don’t.
  • Blogs also allow clients to look into your business before investing or making a purchase.

Offer Discounts and encourage feedback

  • A significant portion of people look online to find deals on products they love.
  • Ask your customers to post about your business on their social media pages.

Connect your users to product development

  • Social media can be used to gather feedback on your product before it has been fully developed.
  • Keep your potential customers in the loop, and make changes to your product according to feedback.
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Some Useful tips for Building a Successful Website


  • Keep up to date with current website design trends. You can determine what the current trends are by examining some of the top 500 or so most visited websites.
  • Keep you design focused around your users needs. The tasks you website was designed to accomplish should be as intuitive as possible.
  • When sourcing images look for website that sell/provide professional stock images.
  • Important features of you website should be as “eye catching” as possible without being upright obnoxious.
  • Give you website a distinct theme.

Boosting Sales

  • Simplify your checkout process. The easier it is for people to impulse buy your product the more you will sell.
  • Provide as many different payment options as possible.
  • Get feedback from your costumers. It may be a good idea to show off some of the positive feedback your company has been getting. People will feel more secure if they see other happy customers on your homepage.
  • Always provide links to products.
  • Take advantage of social media on your site. Get your name out there!

Increasing web traffic

  • Optimize your web content for search engines.
  • Invite others to guest blog on your site.
  • Email marketing.
  • Build a sense of community in your website.
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Google Firebase: Revolutionizing the Way Apps Interact with Databases

Over the past decade and a half technology has made extraordinary leaps and bounds in the realm of mobility, and as a direct cause of that, the business world now demands it. Google’s Firebase is a relatively new addition to the mobile developers  tool set, but regardless of its short time in the market, Firebase has already become a big name in the industry. Firebase is a real time data base that populates your app with the latest information whenever new data is pushed to the database keeping your users up-to-date.

Firebase has three plans each user can subscribe to. There is a free plan, a set payment plan, and a pay as you go plan. The free plan and the set payment plan have limitations on how much data can be passed in between Firebase and your external applications. With the pay as you go plan, Firebase tracks how much data usage your app is generating and a monthly fee is generated based on the usage.

Firebase also offers a plethora of features such as user authentication, crash reporting, cloud storage, web hosting, and much much more.

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