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YouTube: How to sell yourself

This summer I worked for a company that was pretty early with online marketing.  So when I started working for them I submitted their site to different databases and got links from other sites.  To go along with that I decided that we should try to promote using YouTube.  This company is a manufacturing company that deals with automation.  So in order to get the best results I linked the video to their homepage and I embedded links into the text with keywords as well.  This not only had potential to drive traffic to the homepage but also got people to look at their product and engineering.  Furthermore, as a website or business owner in order to get your Idea out YouTube is a great place to start because you can get 100,000’s of views in a day.

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Links: How Websites Succeed

When you have your own website there are a couple of things that are important for your website ranking. One of the most important things in declaring this is how many links you have coming to your site.

The first type of link you can get that would is the cheapest and easiest are directory links. These links are free to submit and they will put you in your database for free in order to link back to your site.

The second type of link would be more expensive but just as easy to get. The second type of link I am talking about is a link that you pay for as a website owner. If you pay for someone to link to you it is expensive but you can get good links if you have a relevant site linking to you.

Another type of link that a lot of people are willing to do is a reciprocal link. In doing this you put a link on your site and then you get one in return. These links are not as good for you on Google ranking but they still help.

Lastly, the hardest and the best links are the websites that link to you for free. These links are very important because they are relevant sites that are linking to your site because your site is a good site. So the key to getting these links is having good content on your site and lots of visitors so more people can see your good content.

A lot of people think that the only purpose of links is to get more traffic directly to your site. This can be true but the biggest key to links is that you can be rank higher on Google. I currently was submitting my site to databases and doing reciprocal links the other day and my site increased 3-5 spots on Google depending on the keyword. So all in all the way to be successful is to get as many links as you can to your site.

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Advertising opportunities

In creating a website and trying to make money through advertising there are multiple things that need to be looked at. Many of the presenters in the elevator pitch competition talked about using advertisements as a source of income. The first and easiest way to advertise on a site would be through Google Adsense or Kontera. All you need to do with these sites is put code on your site where you want the ad to show up and you will have ads. The problem with these ads is that depending on what your site deals with the ads may not be very relevant and you also may not make very much per click. I think I am making around 5 cents per click which isn’t making me millions.

Another way which could end up being a better way to advertise would be using an affiliate. In this you work with a company either selling a service or product. What happens is if you send people to the affiliates site and those people purchase the service or product you get a percentage of the sale. This can end up making you more money than the Google Adsense because you will be making much more per purchase.

The Last method that I know of is selling advertising space. This can by far be the most profitable form of online advertising. In order to get people interested in your site and sell ad space you need to have a lot of traffic and relevant content. This is probably the biggest payout but also the hardest advertisement to get because they will be paying per month or per year.

So all in all there are a lot of different ways to advertise on websites and blogs you just have to pick the right one for you. The key to success obviously is traffic, traffic, traffic. The more people you have come to your site that you can convert the more money you will make off of these advertising opportunities.

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Social Networking is leading to an impersonal World

In looking at all of these cases we have done such as Second Life, Facebook and talking about MySpace I want to bring about another aspect.  In today’s world as I was growing up the computer has become more and more popular with younger and younger generations.  I grew up using AIM among other things and was on the computer way more than my parents had been when they were younger.  In today’s society it is much more common for someone to text another person or send them an email on facebook then to go meet them or to call them on the phone.  I know it seems like a text or a facebook message is the same thing and it is more efficient but think about how it is affecting people.  In this day and age the computer is taking over the business world and pretty much every aspect of the world which I agree with and I am a big fan of.  However, I think that if people continue to use Social Networking and computers as a form of communication it is going to cause problems in the future.  People are not going to feel comfortable talking face to face to do business transactions or to interview because they haven’t had to do it in every other aspect of their life because they could do everything on their computers.  All in all I think that if computers continue to progress as I think and know they will then our society is going to have problems in the future with personal interaction.  Shoot me some comments! I know you are all going to say that it brings more people together because I know it does but I want to hear comments on how we can solve the impersonal communication problem that is bound to come.

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I Web Tools

This doesn’t have to do with the current topic but it does have to do with web tools. When trying to check out a website and even your own website their are a lot of things to check. For example key word density, google pagerank, link popularity, and search engine position. All you have to do is go to and type in the domain you want to look up. This site is very fast and efficient so if you are interested in a website you own or another website check out these tools.

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