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Webcomics are the new Sunday Funnies

Okay, well. Not exactly replacing Sunday funnies (because let’s be honest, nothing could REALLY replace it) but more of like a “times-a-changing” idea. Like most things in the 21st century, comics have adapted to the global phenomenon of the internet. If you remember your Sunday funnies, a comic artist would submit a small, one or two strip comic to be printed in full color. The artist would spend the week developing the idea, drawing it out (typically by hand) and mailing it out to all the contracted newspapers.¬†While paper comics are still widely read and enjoyed, the industry of comics has changed with the rise of the internet. Most individuals who aim to break into the comic industry turn first to the webcomic platform.

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What’s Up with WhatsApp?

My family is majorally based in Hong Kong. That is almost 8,000 miles and 24 hours of flight time from my house in Albany, New York. My parents have been separated from their families for more than 27 years. Back then communication was through hand written letters and international prepaid calling cards that charged by the minutes. Today we use a handy little messaging app known as WhatsApp.

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Spend less, Threadless

I love two things; amazing art and comfy T-shirts. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite apparel companies;



“You are Threadless. You make the ideas, you pick what we sell, you’re why we exist.” –

What is Threadless?

  • Threadless Tees is a mix of custom t-shirts and art sharing
  • Started back in 2000, this Chicago based company owns a small store front in the bustling city.
    • Threadless HQ is currently in the process of moving to another location which should be opening this spring
  • Threadless’ main income is ¬†from their online business
    • heavily relies on flash sales and email subscriptions

How does it work?

  • Each design submitted is subjected to a 7 day scoring period from the community
    • allegedly, 1,000+ submissions roll into the site each day
  • Company judges will then narrow down the field even further
  • If accepted, you will soon see your design printed and ready for sale
    • although the company initially focused on T-shirt printing, Threadless has expanded into phone cases, tote bags, art prints, canvases, and many more products
  • Threadless also partners with other companies or brands (ex: Marvel or Disney) to create artist challenges
    • these challenges are typically themed and have monetary prizes and more

Why use Threadless?

  • As an artist, there are tons of opportunities to get multiple pieces of work out there
    • heavily weighted towards the scoring system, you get a good idea what the community is interested and can hone your skills to match their wants
  • Something new is always waiting for you
    • whether it is a new design or a new product, threadless’ inventory is always changing and evolving
  • challenge yourself
    • challenges are frequent and range almost as much as the art on the site. The only limit is your perception of the possible.
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The True Internet April Fool(s)

Happy Belated April Fools! (I hope no one was too distraught over the spike in laundry prices.)

The maximization of the internet as an every-day commodity has caused major sites to wrack their brains to maximize their ability to attract audiences. April Fools is a prime time to do this.

Typically for the historic holiday, sites will try to do something funny or quirky that (hopefully) audiences can enjoy with a chuckle. 2013 was dominated in the geek-dom by Netflix’s announcement of Firefly season 2 (some are still bitter) and Google’s fantastic 2014 Pokemon hunt on Google Maps. Notable pranks of 2016 include…

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Bridging the Gap: Apple to Samsung (and Vice Versa)

I have recently made a life-changing decision; switching from an (outdated) iPhone 5 to a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7. While my reasons for the huge switch could be the topic of conversation, I instead want to address a frequent problem people experience when faced with my same situation; transferring data across two different operating systems.

Apple is notorious for their (albeit buggy) iOS operating system (current: 9.2) while Samsung favors the Andriod OS (current: Marshmallow 6.0.1). Now most of the time, when you upgrade from one iPhone to another or a Samsung/Andriod to another, the transferring of pictures, music, contacts, etc. is a seamless process. However when jumping from on OS to another? Not so smooth.

Obviously I fall under the “completely changing operating systems” category. The solution? AT&T’s Mobile Transfer App.

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