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In being pretty involved with Instagram, I follow all kinds of accounts.  I love following accounts that relate somehow to photography and nature, so the company FayetteChill peaked my interest when I saw their social media.

FayetteChill is a clothing/retail company that is headquartered around the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.  I found their account when I was on another clothing account and Instagram recommended ones similar.  Their clothing designs are very colorful and creative, two aspects that make for interesting t-shirt designs.

The company does a great job of posting pictures of not only their clothing, but the general theme behind it all.  Since they are focused on nature, FayetteChill clothing is photographed around trees for example.  Whether the pictures are taken of the clothing alone or on a person, each individual picture is different and intriguing.  Social media is so vital to today’s society in that everyone is on it and constantly looking for something new.  FayetteChill is able to appeal to nature lovers, t-shirt wearers, or anyone who likes a picture pleasing to the eye.

I have watched them become more popular in the past couple of months in terms of likes, comments and overall followers.  With this being said, it is obvious how great social media can be in terms of business growth.  All it takes is one share or like to sell a product and FayetteChill is definitely taking advantage of those aspects.



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Recently a new app has been trending for drivers who are looking for a glorified google maps.  Sometimes you need more than just directions to a place and there are more factors to keep in mind.  Waze goes further to show things like road closes and the traffic flow.  It is similar to a social media app in that people can put updates in road conditions to help others in their travel.  In being a social app, it tells you how many “Wazers” are around you, meaning the people who can be a source of updates.

Waze can do things like find the cheapest gas stations, redirect to faster routes incase of a traffic jam, and speak out current road conditions if the driver can’t read while driving.  Waze can also track what roads you usually take, so when you need to use the app it can personalize directions to your route preferences. It furthermore allows you to set favorite places, planned drives and sync up your calendar or Facebook events to set reminders of when to leave home.  The app really personalizes to your specific schedule and helps the user feel like the app is specifically working for them.  The app has many other features that are easy to understand and follow.

Making another driving app could have been a fail in that there are so many already, but Waze found a way to make it different by having features that other apps do not.  Another successful app on the market!


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Southwest Airlines – Social Media Done Right

Companies don’t always realize how much customers want to feel special or like they had an extremely personal experience, even with airline travel.  When it comes to social media, it is something people use to keep up with friends or family and wouldn’t think to follow a company that just helped make their traveling plans all work out.  Southwest Airlines has created this brand experience not only from their exceptional customer service while aboard the aircraft but outside of it, too.

After passengers have (hopefully) successfully gotten home from their trip, Southwest urges them to give them feedback on how their service was and if anything could be improved.  They get this feedback through their website and then mainly twitter.  The customers can tweet to @SouthwestAir about how their experience was and then within a short time they will get a response via tweeting.  SouthwestAir’s Twitter is full of retweets from happy customers along with their own personal tweets advertising their business, promotions and much more.  There biography on Twitter even makes a follower feel better about the account in general, “We run on . Follow for news & stories about the greatest Employees & Customers in the world. For a formal response please use the link provided.”  They also let their customers know that they are responsive 24/7.  The proof of their success can be found in the amount of followers they have, over two million.

This business technique makes customers feel like they are important and the sole concern of the large company.  By Southwest Airlines making the customer satisfied, it will result in positive feedback that spreads to others along with brand loyalty.

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Creativity with Redbubble

A website that has 400,000 people making money off of doing what they love…what is better than that?  The creators of Redbubble have made a platform for artists to upload their artwork or photography and share it with a huge audience.  Consumers who are looking for stickers, phone cases, shirts or even tapestries can come to this site and shop in a wide variety of designs.  This business is very personal, where the consumer knows the individual artist who created the design and can even go on to see their other works.  From a seller’s point of view, it is an easy way to share their work with the world while also making some money on the side.  Some artists even gain so much popularity from sales that they could make a living off of their account on Redbubble.  The website brings a sense of community, along with a way to circulate more money throughout the economy.

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Instagram Photography

Instagram started as a way to simply share pictures with friends and family.  What it has turned into is something much greater and quite frankly pretty awesome.

I follow several photographers that live all over the world: Italy, Australia, Canada and in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  They all have different styles and subjects of photography, but the one thing they have in common is their passion for taking pictures.  It’s that passion that attracts attention and gives them followers.

Photographers don’t normally make their money from a higher source, it’s from customers who see their work and want it hanging on their wall.  Social media plays such a huge role in today’s society because it consists of platforms like Instagram that has millions of users.  Just from what I’ve seen from the accounts I follow, photographers will post a picture and link their website for purchasing that specific photo.  This way of business is so creative.  It makes the customer feel as if the picture is more special because they selected it from an individual they feel close to out of a specific portfolio.

All in all, Instagram is more than just a way to keep up with people’s lives.  It’s a way to have personal business interactions and give others the opportunity to see what is out there in the world.


This is an example of a photographer who travels frequently and makes most of his money from selling his prints.

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