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HomeField Advantage

All sports teams have “chalk talk” time or film time where they watch film of themselves or their opponents to study their play and get better.  In many instances this is a time when the team is all in one place together, but another option could be to copy the game film onto DVD’s for each member of the team to study on his/her own.

A new online avenue that has come up in this area of sports is  This is a site where you can collaborate as a team, exchange film with other teams, and post game film and video for players, coaches, parents and alumni.  It serves as a hub for this aspect of the game, reducing the cost and need for individual DVD’s and also is a center where the team can watch game film at any time they wish.  It helps to simplify uploading and watching game film in the world of sports.  If you’re on a sports team, check it out!


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Creative Commons in Education

One of the avenues that Creative Commons uses with its licenses is education.  One of the foundations that it licenses is the CK-12 Foundation.  This foundation seeks to reduce the costs of textbooks for grades K-12 by allowing educators to creative flexible, custom online textbooks and materials, called “flexbooks.”

This is a pretty interesting and innovative way to address an issue in the field of education.  By licensing this foundation, Creative Commons can help in a social area that they feel needs help, and it also helps its business by showing that it sponsors socially responsible and socially driven organizations.

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Fundamental Accounting Principles…..18th Edition?

So I have a stack of textbooks in my room from previous semesters’ classes that I never sold because they came out with a new edition.  So now the bookstore won’t buy them back, students won’t buy them, and I’m down big bucks and stuck with books I don’t want.  After looking at the pile grow I decided to try and sell them on

I’d bought things off Amazon before but never sold anything.  It was surprisingly really easy.  I had to sign up for a Seller Account, but the actual process of listing my items was extremely fast and easy.  Literally in less than a day I had sold two of my books and made over $80.  It really seems as if Amazon has the whole buying and selling process down…the ease of use for the customer is key.  It’s simple and fast, and apparently effective, and if I have books to sell in the future I will definitely consider Amazon as my platform.

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Randomm Informationn

If I’m looking for news on the Internet, I’ll usually type in a keyword and search for it under Google News, or if it’s daily news maybe I’ll hit or the site of my local newspaper back home.  If I know I want sports news I’ll go to, or the NFL or NHL sites, or the specific team sites.  Anything else I’ll usually just type into the standard Google search bar and click on links that look legit.

One way that I would not find news, however, is through Digg.  The information and articles on are “dugg” by users.  So, although the top menu can narrow by category, the information is unfocused and wide-ranging.  Even within the subcategories that have more focused titles, the information can still vary and sometimes doesn’t even pertain to the category you chose to view.  Occasionally, you might see something interesting or possibly entertaining, but in terms of viewing information that you actually want to see online, people know who the experts are and know the official and focused sites that pertain to that information, and Digg does not necessarily fall into that category of focused information.

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Chrome Extensions

There are several internet browsers today that compete for the usage of computer users.  The one I use and an increasingly popular platform is Google Chrome.  One of their main draws is that it is a more personal browser to the user.  It’s unique layout and customizable themes are attractive and have been helping to drive its success.

One of the things I like about Chrome is its fairly new idea of “Extensions.”  These are usually user created add-ons to the browser that do a myriad of functions.  For example, I have a Gmail extension and a Steap and Cheap extension.  These are little icons on the top of the browser that let me know if I have any new emails in my inbox and also let me know of the current deal on, without having to have the webpage constantly up.  There are a huge number of extensions available and new ones being created or updated all the time.


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