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The Power of Social Entrepreneurship


The Worlds at Your Fingertips

The World is at Your Fingertips

Social Entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing mega market in the Internet realm.  Millions of the needs of people are being addressed across the globe and their lives are being made better through the social entrepreneurship on the Internet.  So what is “Social Entrepreneurship”?


  • connects people globally weather it just be for the means to communicate with friends (Facebook) share knowledge (Ultimate-Guitar) keep people updated on whats going on (Twitter) or get loans to start a small business (Kiva).
  • level of success not necessarily measured by how much money it makes but by how it affects people
  • It makes the world smaller!


Social entrepreneurship has so much power in the world today, and many people are even becoming rich off of it.  There is such a buzz around social media today that the people who found the sites are millionaires and billionaires (Mark Zuckerburg- Facebook).  


Social entrepreneurship, while not a particularly  difficult topic to understand, it is often difficult to be successful in creating  a social media website.  The biggest key to social entrepreneurship is finding the pain.  Find a need and fix it! Find a gap and connect it!

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Ultimate Guitar

electric-guitar-parts1Ultimate Guitar is hands down the best free guitar and  bass tablature site on the web.  I’ve been a heavy user for years, and after trying many other tablature sites such as,, and, nothing compares to 

Ultimate Guitar is a huge archive of user created tablature or “tabs”.  A tab is a form of guitar music written in the easiest form to understand for everyone.  Its different from sheet music in that you don’t need to know how to read music to understand it. So where sheet music uses the grand staff and music notes, tablature looks like this…


the only downside to it is that you cannot tell what the tempo for the song is or how long to hold different notes, but for playing guitar, i find this favorable because guitar is much more of a free instrument in that everyone really has their own style.

Ultimate guitar is free for any user, and you don’t have to create a user name to view tabs which is great for casual browsers.  If you create an account, that’s when the social media aspect of the site is activated.  you can talk with other users, comment on news, submit tabs and articles, and most importantly in my eyes, comment on tabs.  

Because the site is user driven, commenting on and rating tabs is a huge part of the success of ultimate guitar.  all tabs are rated on a 5 star scale.  when you browse for a tab, you can see all the tabs that have been written for a song and their rating. This is awesome when looking for a song you want because you don’t have to look through so many songs to find a good one. other users have already done it for you.

Ultimate Guitar is a great site for communicating with other musicians as well as finding good free music that is user created.

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Surfline is the highest quality surf report site on the web.  Providing immediate up to date information for popular surf spots all over the globe, they keep you informed 24/7 with your local surf forecast.


Surfline is so attractive to users for many reasons. These are some of the big ones.


  • attention grabbing homepage with constantly changing stories and photos from the most recent surf events or swells.
  • detailed surf reports from local surfers who are watching the beaches.
  • accurate surf forecasting for millions of surf spots across the globe.
  • information and outbound links for surfing trips.

Surfline also has 2 levels of reports. it has the free report and forecast where you can see the brief report and short term (typically 3 days) forecast.  The premium report is for the avid surfer and it offers 

  • surf cams with no adds
  • 7- 10 day surf reports
  • detailed video forecasts
  • customized email alerts for your areas of choice
  • LOLA global swell models
  • travel and store discounts

there are many surf reports on the web, but none compete with the quality of surfline.

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Wikipedia: Source of Information, not Citation

wikipedia-logoWikipedia has grown to an amazing size over the past years, and it is now the 4th most visited site in the world! Wikipedia is a great source of information and for may quick asnwers to questions you may have about a person or event in history, but when used out of context or as a scholarly source for a research paper, it is not trustworthy enough.  


Wikipedia is a non-profit site that anyone can edit the pages.  It has become more trustworthy in recent years, but there are still many mistakes throughout the website.  For students writing papers the biggest reasons it is not a good souce are…

  •  anyone can edit pages
  •  its an encyclopedia, and encyclopedias are not good paper resources
  •  it is not peer reviewed

The last reason, not being peer reviewed, is the biggest reason wikipedia is not reliable.  Scholar journals and books under-go intensive blind peer reviewing from other scholars and there is serious editing that must be done before it can be published.  If wikipedia wished to be a trustworthy souce it needs to get some sort of scholarly editing process, and it would greatly benefit from being connected to other scholar sites such as JSTOR or EbscoHost.

While wikipedia can be great for looking up answers to questions you may have about some facts, it is not worthy or deserving of citation and quotation in your research paper.

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Kiva: Developing Nation Support

kiva_logo4Kiva is a website that provides loans to entrepreneurs in developing nations.  Anyone can give these people loans, and they make a huge difference for these people and their economy. Some people ask “why should i loan money to these people in developing nations when i can put it in the bank where it is safe and even make interest?”  

When you put your money in the bank or even invest it in “safe” federal bonds, you are recieving miniscule and even decimal amounts of return for your investment.  you wont “make” any money if you loan it to an entrepreneur on Kiva, but you will be making a big difference to them. A woman named Rose Atheino said “Today I’m a very respected women in the community. I have come out of the crowd of women who are looked down upon. Due to the loan that I received… you have made me to be a champion out of nobody.”  your loan makes a big difference in the life of someone who needs the money.

Kiva is not the answer for developing nations to get out of poverty, but by funding individual entrepreneurs, anyone can help make a difference in the lives of these people trying to get thier small business’ runnining.  Kiva- Loans that change lives.

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