As an entrepreneur, you know that your website’s design communicates your company’s brand image  to the masses. The million dollar question: How do you design your site to grab your customers’ attention and pull them from your competitors?

One answer that is quickly rising to the top is image-based, super sleek web design. This visually arresting style evades the traditional by combining minimalist typefaces,  high resolution, rich contrast, single image backgrounds, and scrolling or roll-over navigation.

The nature of such aesthetically concerned websites makes this style  most beneficial to businesses that are trying to differentiate their services from competitors’ through brand image. Some examples are real estate brokers or law firms.

But don’t fear, such super sleek design is pliable. Other successful proponents include hard goods companies, personal websites, museums, architecture firms, and e-commerce websites.

The bottom line: If you want your website to stand out, learn from the best and use bold, sleek design.

Check out these examples of beautiful sites and see for yourself.


The Diehl Group – Architecture Firm

Sleek Website Design








De Certeau & Associates – Legal Firm

Sleek Website Design








CG Rendering – Design Firm

Sleek Website Design








Shelley Sandzer – Real Estate Agency

Sleek real estate website design








Inzeit – Mobile Retail Firm              Warning: this site’s navigation is AWESOME

Sleek mobile design website








Grey Goose – Liquor Company

Sleek liquor company website design








Salt Surf – Surf Lifestyle Brand

Sleek surf company website design








Grayden and Jenny – Wedding Website

Sleek wedding website deisgn








Anna Safroncik – Personal Website

Sleek personal website design








Rijksmuseum – Museum

Sleek museum website design








Tommaso Nervegna – Personal Blog

Sleek personal blog website design








Vanmoof – Bicycle Manufacturer

Sleek ecommerce website design

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  1. Great blog post! I really like the like the point about how big of an impact the aesthetics of a sight have on the company. All of the websites you have listed as examples have amazing aesthetics that really bring a sense of professionalism and quality to the company. Even the quality of pictures can make a huge difference in how you perceive the company. Thanks for sharing!

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