Blogging used to be an online journal, a diary per se, for people to write about their thoughts and lives, but in recent history blogging has become an incredible business tool.

Almost every business out there has some kind of web presence now, even if they don’t all have their own personal websites, and in a world where it has become easy to find what you want when you want it through the internet, businesses have to make their websites stand out.  Blogs do that for entrepreneurs, particularly internet entrepreneurs who can’t rely on brick and mortar stores to draw potential customers in with window displays and sale signs.  Blogs keep potential customers coming to your website even when they don’t plan on making any purchases, and also make your customers feel as though they know you and can trust you.

One characteristic common to most entrepreneurs is that you know how to sell yourself, whether it be to potential investors, customers, or suppliers.  It can be difficult to sell yourself to potential customers, specifically in the realm of internet entrepreneurship because you aren’t meeting face to face with customers and the only impression that they get of you is from your website.  Your blog lets potential customers feel like they know you and shows that you are knowledgeable in your realm of business.  Blogs keep foot traffic moving through internet business’s websites and builds strong customer relationships.

For more reasons why blogs are worth your time and incredibly important to a business, as well as for information on Podcasts and business, check out this article from Entrepreneur Magazine.

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