As a class we came up with these 25 hot sauce tips to give your blog spice. Use with caution.

  1. Write relevant content
  2. Make it interactive (ask for opinions so readers can respond)
  3. Blogging is an accessible way to become an expert
  4. Link out generously. Link with long phrases not short words
  5. People like listshot-sauce
  6. Add multimedia (pictures, videos, podcasts)
  7. PROVOKE people to comment (make it controversial!)
  8. Always provide value
  9. Post often and regularly (the right frequency for your audience)
  10. Be original (new topic that has never been covered or an old topic from a different perspective)
  11. Use keywords in title, content, tags
  12. Make it casual/conversational and easy to read
  13. Focus on a niche
  14. Succinct.
  15. Give it edgy content.
  16. End with a question?
  17. Use whitespace
  18. Write outside the box (non-conformist)
  19. Don’t “add to the noise”
  20. Allows for your customers to interact with you
  21. Be your own expert.
  22. Condense ideas
  23. Relevant to your readers
  24. Authentic passion
  25. Give your blog personality

2 Responses to “Hot Sauce for Your Blog Posts, 25 Tips”

  1. Thanks for the tips. During your presentation, I was wondering about plagiarism and legal issues. When writing content or commenting about a popular issue, it is tempting to pull info directly from other people’s blogs and websites. Where does citation fit into all of this? How do you recommend avoiding gray areas while blogging?

  2. @tparafinik thanks for the comment.

    The issue is more one of quantity. If you just quote a few sentences or small paragraphs no big deal. Any more than that and instead you should just refer readers to read it on the blog you are quoting.

    Always cite. This can be as simple as the authors name or the title of the blog post. Link it to the post you are citing of course.

    Anything you use from someone else be sure it is obvious that you are using their words. Bloggers are generally pretty chill about you taking their insights or pieces of their content. Just pay them with the money of the internet (links)

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