As you make an attempt to start blogging, remember this: READY, FIRE, AIM.

Your blog does not have to be perfect. That’s not the point. In fact, the main thing right now is just to START – start to ask questions, start to offer thoughts, start to open up subjects that are worthy of dialogue.

If you have some experience blogging, demonstrate what a sample blog might look like.

“Blog” comes from the term “Web Log.” It is a series of brief, related or unrelated thoughts on a subject that is posted and managed on a web platform. Think of it as a collective stream of consciousness.

People don’t expect perfection, just effort. Go ahead – give it a try. Write a few thoughts, and if you don’t have a lot of thoughts, start asking some questions. We can all participate and stimulate discussion.

And remember, you can start a blog and come back and edit it at any time. You can save your work and NOT publish it initially, and then, as you complete it, publish it for all to see.

One Response to “Blogging is Easy – Just give it a try.”

  1. For some reason whenever I sit down to write something I treat it like a research paper, that’s why i think blogging is so refreshing. I don’t have to MLA site things, I don’t need a set amount of sources, I just need to write about something that interests me!

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