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April Fool’s Day From Your Favorite Internet Businesses

This year saw some interesting April Fool’s pranks pulled by major businesses. With the hype about fake news buzzing around the biggest prank day of the year, many businesses went the very-obviously-a-prank route to avoid confusion. Here are some of the highlights:

Netflix Live

Appearing on the home page a few hours before April 1 started, Netflix Live featured Will Arnett commentating for 48 minutes about normal items like a toaster, pencil sharpener, and an office copier. Some people (like myself) were initially excited – is Netflix finally jumping on the bandwagon of streaming live TV? Further investigation proved no, just a silly prank, resulting in a quality 48 minutes of wasted time.

Netflix Live


Amazon’s Petlexa

An Amazon Alexa update that allows your beloved pets to interact with your Alexa home device just like you – but watch out, your cat can now order sushi all on its own.


Google Gnome

A spoof on Google Home, this friendly outdoor Smart Gnome promises to help you with your gardening, tell you the weather, turn on outdoor tools, but don’t you dare ask it to complete an “indoor request.”

Zappos Unstealable Boxes

Zappos takes it’s customer service to the next level by announcing their new invisible, unstealable boxes to combat parcel theft. “With one touch of a button, your delivery goes from timely to transparent.”


This is a fun way to generate buzz around your business, but it can very easily go wrong, so if you decide to pull an April Fool’s prank on your customers next year, proceed with caution!

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The Doorman App

Have you ever ordered something offline and when it was delivered to your house you weren’t there? Instead of coming home to find the product you ordered you find a delivery notice. Well, there is a new and innovative app called Doorman that is aiming to solve this problem.

Doorman is trying to eradicate this problem by allowing customers to schedule their own delivery times. Even if it is as late as midnight seven days a week.

Doorman was created by a former Pixar Technical Director named Zander Adel. Zander came up with this idea by looking at the retailers that offer same day shipping. Places like Amazon or Postmates. He goes on to explain that all of the shipping and deliveries are done through companies like FedEx and UPS. As a result of this customers have less control over the time their product is delivered.

Doorman fixes this by allowing customers to give these retailers their “Doorman address” which is a location of the company’s warehouse. The customer will then be able to specify exactly when they want their order delivered.

Doorman has already delivered over 25,000 packages in its first market in San Francisco and is preparing to spread to the east coast.

When looking at how awesome the name of this app is and how cool of an idea it is, I wish I could have come up with it first.

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Amazon keeps rolling out innovative products. This new one is a scanner that enables quick and easy shopping right in you home. How? You have your own personal scanner.

Amazon Scanner

Really, though. This small gadget will allow you to shop by just scanning the bar code of a cereal box, or saying “football.” If this takes off, which I assume it will because of its convenience value proposition, Amazon will revolutionize the way of shopping… again. Physical scan –> to internet purchase –> to physical product in hand. Cutting out the search, making it even more simple.

I highly suggest you check out their two-minute video… a great marketing strategy by having a small child narrate.

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Amazon TV

So it looks like amazon is expanding into yet another market.  The television program industry?  Turns out they are bringing in and hosting original tv series on their instant video channel one month at a time and will decide on which one to run with.  I know it’s a thing for large online companies to go after multiple markets, but TV shows?  I want to know how that decision went down.

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Fundamental Accounting Principles…..18th Edition?

So I have a stack of textbooks in my room from previous semesters’ classes that I never sold because they came out with a new edition.  So now the bookstore won’t buy them back, students won’t buy them, and I’m down big bucks and stuck with books I don’t want.  After looking at the pile grow I decided to try and sell them on

I’d bought things off Amazon before but never sold anything.  It was surprisingly really easy.  I had to sign up for a Seller Account, but the actual process of listing my items was extremely fast and easy.  Literally in less than a day I had sold two of my books and made over $80.  It really seems as if Amazon has the whole buying and selling process down…the ease of use for the customer is key.  It’s simple and fast, and apparently effective, and if I have books to sell in the future I will definitely consider Amazon as my platform.

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