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Combatant Gentlemen Removes the Middleman

Vishaal and Mo Melwani, founders of Combatant Gentlemen and third-generation tailors, decided it was time to eliminate the money sucking middleman of the men’s fashion industry. Instead of paying others to produce their garments, Vishaal and Mo took control of their supply chains by using their own Italian wool and Indian cotton to create beautiful and luxurious suits. According to Inc., Combatant Gentlemen spends roughly $24-$37 on production costs per suit and charges about $160 per suit. Because their own their own sheep and cotton fields, they can sell high end quality without the high end price tag. With this significant cost cut, Combatant Gentlemen strives to target the Millennial male market– business men who appreciate a quality suit but may not be able to afford top market brands.

Based on the cost, the quality of these suits are pretty impressive–they are sleek, well-made, and stylish. But what impressed me the most was their online presence.

To begin, the website is sleek, modern, masculine and alluring. In general, the company has a strong and coherent brand which is evident through their logo, photo/video and language. Each page showcases attractive, modern, stylish men modeling their suits. It embodies the “ultimate millennial male,” an active, bearded, stylish, successful young male.  In addition, they maintain a strong blog that focuses on current events, fashion tips, trending technology, and lifestyle tips with a masculine twist.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.05.01 PMThe website is also tech-savvy by offering two unique features– tech fit and same time online video chat a style tech.  The tech fit feature calculates your preferred fit, height, weight, neck size and jean size to suggest the (almost) perfect fit for their suits. Of course there is always the possibility for alterations, but using this data better helps the customer choose the best size for them. In addition, the video chat feature creates a personal and human connection between the company and customer. Since Combatant Gentlemen is only online, many people may be weary of purchasing a suit since they could not try it on. By providing personable customer service, Combatant Gentlemen is able build trust with their customers. In addition, video chat is definitely a new twist to online customer service.

So calling all stylish males–try Combatant Gentlemen out and let me know what you think! Maybe I will video chat with stylist tech just for fun.

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Pinterest: An Alternative Marketing Approach

Pinterest: An Alternative Marketing Approach

With an $11 billion valuation and 100 million monthly active users in 2015, Pinterest is a one stop shop for creative inspiration, recipes, travel tips, advertisements/marketing, household tips and so much more.

Originating in 2010 as a social media network of “visual bookmarking” (similar to Tumblr), the internet sensation has grown to be the second largest social media network, following Facebook. Pretty impressive, right? So what does this website offer that people can’t get enough of?

Not only is the website and mobile app user intuitive, it also supplies new content after the page is refreshed. Because the user activity is so consistent, the website it always adding new content to your feed. This feature is quite similar to other social media networks in how the networks can become addicting. When there is always new content to see, users have the urge to continue browsing the app until there is no more to read.

But there is so much more that adds to Pinterest’s greatness.

Beginning as a platform to save “visuals,” Pinterest still holds the concept of sharing ideas. Within the past few years, this concept has developed into a goldmine for advertisements, marketing and e-commerce. Companies now use Pinterest as a tool to reach their target audience in a different approach. Instead of a flashing advertisement, companies mold their marketing strategies to the Pinterest style.
For example, Wix–a website development platform.


This is a pin that was on my personal Pinterest feed. Notice the design and wording of the advertisement –the trendy floral design, bold typography, the creative buzzwords such as “design” and “stunning”. These characteristics would stand out to a Pinterest user because it appeals to the general Pinterest aesthetic. In addition, notice how the pin attributes–“Promoted by” Using a softer and positive word like “promoted” is more approachable for the target user instead of harsher words. Although this is a Wix advertisement, it masks itself to be more interesting and welcoming.

Another alternative marketing feature is the Pin it button extension. A user can download the Pinterest button on Google Chrome and pin photos from any website. This creates extremely high traffic for both the pinned website and Pinterest.
For example: Free People–a woman’s clothing retailer

After downloading the extension, the Pin It button will appear on your browser’s right side bar.

pin button

Simply click it when you would like to pin a photo from a website. Here, I clicked the button while browsing Free People’s new arrivals page.

Pinterest FP

Once choosing a photo to pin, click the red “pin it” button, choose a board and viola, it is saved to your Pinterest board!


Using this feature not only added content to Pinterest’s platform, but it also pulled content from Free People’s website that may have never appeared on Pinterest without the pinning button feature.

Pinterest’s consumer influence is undeniable and its internet presence is unavoidable, who knows what will be next for it!


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Trunk Club: A Free Personal Shopper

Some people aren’t cut out for the shopping world. Many people hate the overwhelming amount of options, the aggressive crowds, the time consumption and the inevitable expense. With the phenomenon of online clothing shopping, it is thought that shopping can be more convenient, but according to Econsultancy, 20-40% of online US retail sales are returned. A massive reason for these returns are credited to poor fitting. So how can retailers reduce their return rate? Some companies, such as Modcloth, offer online features that offer detailed sizing charts and information that describe the fit of their clothing. Trunk Club, an online retailer, takes a step further in ensuring their customer’s satisfaction.

Promising “premium clothing, great advice, zero work,” Trunk Club’s goal is to make the shopping experience for their customers completely hands free.

A huge aspect of ensuring a “zero work” experience is customer service. Once completing an online profile, Trunk Club assigns you with one of their stylists, who will then call you shortly after your profile completion. The stylist will ask you a variety of questions about your body type, favorite stores, budget etc. After the conversation, your stylist will create online preview of your trunk for you to review and approve. After your approval, the trunk will ship to your house and you have 10 days to try on the clothing. You keep what you want, send back what you don’t…no string attached. Your stylist will follow up with you and from there it is up to you to order another trunk!

The reason why this business model works is because of their target audience. Trunk Club caters to the male and female wealthy executives of American who have the finances to shop, but lack the time or motivation. TC assumes the role of the personal shopper but even better, a free online personal shopper. The stylists takes in consideration their client’s body type, style and lifestyle to ensure a perfect fit. In addition, they do not charge subscription or shipping fees. This differentiating aspect leaves a huge impact on TC’s customers because their customers can trust them. There is no need to fear hidden chargers. 

Curious? Try it out! Who knows…maybe you will end up like these guys:



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