For years internet surfers were forced to use mediums such as forums and blogs to share interesting web content.  That was before Digg.

Digg is a community of internet users devoted to finding fun, instructive, goofy, and all manners of sites and videos in order to filter quality web content from the swill.

A Digg user begins by posting a link and making a title.  It is then sent to the top of Digg’s list of “Upcoming” tab.  If anyone thinks the link is interesting they can “Digg” the link.  Based on the link’s popularity it will either get put on the front page of Digg in the “Popular” tab and on the front page of its respective category or it will eventually get thrown out.

I decided to see what the most popular Digg articles are in the past “365 Days” and as a result found an article that really stuck out to me.

This is the second most Digged article in the past year titled “The Story of Prisoner F95488.” It is a story about blatant racism going unanswered. It’s a story about what happens when nobody’s willing to stand up for what’s right.  The story of Eric Frimpong leaves a taste of absolute disgust in my mouth in regards to the American judicial system.

But since this is America and we’re all (at least for now) entitled to our own opinion go ahead and read for yourself…

Caption: “One’s a rising soccer star.  The other’s a self-described jealous boyfriend.  One had no physical evidence linking him to a rape.  The other had matched DNA and teeth marks.  One’s black.  The other’s white.  One was convicted.  The other was never a suspect.”

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