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The True Internet April Fool(s)

Happy Belated April Fools! (I hope no one was too distraught over the spike in laundry prices.)

The maximization of the internet as an every-day commodity has caused major sites to wrack their brains to maximize their ability to attract audiences. April Fools is a prime time to do this.

Typically for the historic holiday, sites will try to do something funny or quirky that (hopefully) audiences can enjoy with a chuckle. 2013 was dominated in the geek-dom by Netflix’s announcement of Firefly season 2 (some are still bitter) and Google’s fantastic 2014 Pokemon hunt on Google Maps. Notable pranks of 2016 include…

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Pinterest: An Alternative Marketing Approach

Pinterest: An Alternative Marketing Approach

With an $11 billion valuation and 100 million monthly active users in 2015, Pinterest is a one stop shop for creative inspiration, recipes, travel tips, advertisements/marketing, household tips and so much more.

Originating in 2010 as a social media network of “visual bookmarking” (similar to Tumblr), the internet sensation has grown to be the second largest social media network, following Facebook. Pretty impressive, right? So what does this website offer that people can’t get enough of?

Not only is the website and mobile app user intuitive, it also supplies new content after the page is refreshed. Because the user activity is so consistent, the website it always adding new content to your feed. This feature is quite similar to other social media networks in how the networks can become addicting. When there is always new content to see, users have the urge to continue browsing the app until there is no more to read.

But there is so much more that adds to Pinterest’s greatness.

Beginning as a platform to save “visuals,” Pinterest still holds the concept of sharing ideas. Within the past few years, this concept has developed into a goldmine for advertisements, marketing and e-commerce. Companies now use Pinterest as a tool to reach their target audience in a different approach. Instead of a flashing advertisement, companies mold their marketing strategies to the Pinterest style.
For example, Wix–a website development platform.


This is a pin that was on my personal Pinterest feed. Notice the design and wording of the advertisement –the trendy floral design, bold typography, the creative buzzwords such as “design” and “stunning”. These characteristics would stand out to a Pinterest user because it appeals to the general Pinterest aesthetic. In addition, notice how the pin attributes–“Promoted by” Using a softer and positive word like “promoted” is more approachable for the target user instead of harsher words. Although this is a Wix advertisement, it masks itself to be more interesting and welcoming.

Another alternative marketing feature is the Pin it button extension. A user can download the Pinterest button on Google Chrome and pin photos from any website. This creates extremely high traffic for both the pinned website and Pinterest.
For example: Free People–a woman’s clothing retailer

After downloading the extension, the Pin It button will appear on your browser’s right side bar.

pin button

Simply click it when you would like to pin a photo from a website. Here, I clicked the button while browsing Free People’s new arrivals page.

Pinterest FP

Once choosing a photo to pin, click the red “pin it” button, choose a board and viola, it is saved to your Pinterest board!


Using this feature not only added content to Pinterest’s platform, but it also pulled content from Free People’s website that may have never appeared on Pinterest without the pinning button feature.

Pinterest’s consumer influence is undeniable and its internet presence is unavoidable, who knows what will be next for it!


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The Psychic Playlist

As I am sitting here writing this blog post, I have my noise-drowning Bose headphones on and my favorite Spotify playlist playing, Discover Weekly. Moments like this are some of my most favorite times during the day–good music and zero human interaction.

Although you may be an avid Spotify listener, you may not have yet unearthed the most thrilling and magical playlist on Spotify…Discover Weekly.

Every Monday morning, Spotify releases a personal playlist of songs that are tailored to your musical taste. The playlist recognizes the most popular songs you listen to in addition to the a selection of the 2 billion playlists created that also fit your musical taste. Spotify identifies what songs you added to your playlists, what songs you skipped after 30 seconds and what songs you cannot stop listening to. Through an algorithm, Spotify pieces together a playlist of 30 fresh songs for you to indulge in.  It is the perfect remedy to a gloomy Monday morning.

Here is a simple break down of this playlist creation process:


Of course, this a computerized process, so you will most likely not enjoy all 30 songs. Even with through data research and filtration, there are always a few sneaky random songs that are thrown into the mix. But by the end of your first full listen of the playlist, you will most likely become obsessed with at least one song.

So where do you find this thrilling playlist?

First, go to the Browse feature on your Spotify account.


Next, click on the Discover tab.


Your Discover Weekly playlist will be listed first with your Facebook profile picture as the thumbnail


Finally, you relax, listen and ask yourself why you have not listened to this playlist before spotify4


Once again, Spotify showed iTunes whose boss with this innovative and creative feature. You rock, Spotify.

For more information about the Spotify and their Discover Weekly playlist, check out this article 


Disclaimer: I take zero responsibility for unsatisfied Discover Weekly listeners

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The Power of Free


The Power of Free

It was in the summer of 2006 that singer/songwriter Derek Webb promoted one of his albums for free online, asking very little in return from the thousands of followers, fans, and musicians who provided as little information as name, email and postal code. In just a matter of months, the success of Derek’s musical generosity provided him with a list of 80,000 emails from those who had downloaded the final product. It was after this stunning response that Mr. Webb realized the potential in extrapolating this type of internet business model throughout the music industry.


Free music is nothing but commonplace in a post Spotify world, but back in the early years, was way ahead of its time when it came to downloadable music. The folks working behind the scenes quickly realized that that their model of free music let artists raise donation money for the content they wanted to give away, and recruit a fan base quicker and more substantially then the normal route that iTunes and CD sales provided. The musician is not only building a larger fan base, but building a “targeted” following. Allowing him to play shows in areas where he knows the people will receive him best.


Music isn’t the only source of media that the company is planning to stick to, as in recent months they have received commitment from dozens of authors and novelists who want to give their works to the people, so that their fans will hunger for more. This is a kind of business that could have only evolved from a music internet entertainment platform that is constantly evolving to benefit the consumer and the creator.

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TheFineBros Find Themselves Less Fine After Fiasco

In case you’ve never heard of TheFineBros let me ask you this; have you ever watched a “reaction” video? perhaps one titled “elders react to…” or “kids react to…”? if the answer is no then below you will find and example to watch. If your answer is yes then you can just watch the video for kicks and gigs.

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Roosters in Austin, TX, Reaching New Heights due to Alien Invasion

Although the idea of poultry in the air and a global extraterrestrial takeover is part hilarious and part terrifying, I’m not referring to our feathered friends. Rather I’m referring to a movie that recently hit box offices called Lazer Team, a comedy fantasy/science fiction film produced by Rooster Teeth Productions and funded by their loyal fans. Raising $2.5 million dollars (over 300% of their  intended goal) through an indegogo campaign it’s a wonder how what started as a five man team making a Halo machinima web series developed into an icon of the internet.

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