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“Discovering music through people.” This is the motto of 8Tracks. This free music streaming service is a blend of Pandora and Spotify with much more diversity. 8Tracks was founded in 2006 with the idea of a social networking site based around sharing playlists. The site gives people a legal and easy way to listen to all kinds of music, found in playlists of at least eight or more songs. You are able to search by genre, artist, activity, mood, and more!

One of the most interesting aspects of this site is that you are constantly connecting with people through their playlists. You have to listen to the playlists in order and you can’t go back to a previous song until you go through the rest of the songs. They also only give you a few skips, so you either take a chance on liking the whole playlist or go find another.

Everyone I know uses some sort of music streaming service, be it Spotify, Apple Music, or even YouTube, but none of these services focus so much on using music to find people who like the same music as you, or are going through the same sort of things as you in their lives. 8tracks gives you the option to look not only into the music, but into the person who brought it into your life.

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What’s Up with WhatsApp?

My family is majorally based in Hong Kong. That is almost 8,000 miles and 24 hours of flight time from my house in Albany, New York. My parents have been separated from their families for more than 27 years. Back then communication was through hand written letters and international prepaid calling cards that charged by the minutes. Today we use a handy little messaging app known as WhatsApp.

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Pinterest: An Alternative Marketing Approach

Pinterest: An Alternative Marketing Approach

With an $11 billion valuation and 100 million monthly active users in 2015, Pinterest is a one stop shop for creative inspiration, recipes, travel tips, advertisements/marketing, household tips and so much more.

Originating in 2010 as a social media network of “visual bookmarking” (similar to Tumblr), the internet sensation has grown to be the second largest social media network, following Facebook. Pretty impressive, right? So what does this website offer that people can’t get enough of?

Not only is the website and mobile app user intuitive, it also supplies new content after the page is refreshed. Because the user activity is so consistent, the website it always adding new content to your feed. This feature is quite similar to other social media networks in how the networks can become addicting. When there is always new content to see, users have the urge to continue browsing the app until there is no more to read.

But there is so much more that adds to Pinterest’s greatness.

Beginning as a platform to save “visuals,” Pinterest still holds the concept of sharing ideas. Within the past few years, this concept has developed into a goldmine for advertisements, marketing and e-commerce. Companies now use Pinterest as a tool to reach their target audience in a different approach. Instead of a flashing advertisement, companies mold their marketing strategies to the Pinterest style.
For example, Wix–a website development platform.


This is a pin that was on my personal Pinterest feed. Notice the design and wording of the advertisement –the trendy floral design, bold typography, the creative buzzwords such as “design” and “stunning”. These characteristics would stand out to a Pinterest user because it appeals to the general Pinterest aesthetic. In addition, notice how the pin attributes–“Promoted by” Using a softer and positive word like “promoted” is more approachable for the target user instead of harsher words. Although this is a Wix advertisement, it masks itself to be more interesting and welcoming.

Another alternative marketing feature is the Pin it button extension. A user can download the Pinterest button on Google Chrome and pin photos from any website. This creates extremely high traffic for both the pinned website and Pinterest.
For example: Free People–a woman’s clothing retailer

After downloading the extension, the Pin It button will appear on your browser’s right side bar.

pin button

Simply click it when you would like to pin a photo from a website. Here, I clicked the button while browsing Free People’s new arrivals page.

Pinterest FP

Once choosing a photo to pin, click the red “pin it” button, choose a board and viola, it is saved to your Pinterest board!


Using this feature not only added content to Pinterest’s platform, but it also pulled content from Free People’s website that may have never appeared on Pinterest without the pinning button feature.

Pinterest’s consumer influence is undeniable and its internet presence is unavoidable, who knows what will be next for it!


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It is overwhelming how much content is on the internet–blogs, forums, discussion boards, news articles, etc. There is so much information at our finger tips, yet the content drowns in the vast pool of online information and is lost.

Livefrye has discovered a way to create online content that rises above the rest. Launched in 2009, the San Fransisco based company designed a platform that “helps companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation, content and advertising.”  This combination is achieved through a variety of platform that Livefrye offers–Engagement Cloud, Social Library, Conversation Apps, Visualization Apps, Content Hubs & Storify 2. Through these platforms, Livefyre’s customers are able to create original content that is sharable, current and relevant. Each platform offers something different, so customers are able to choose the one that works best for their company.

Let’s take a look at Storify 2.
Storify 2 is a platform for article creation and curation. When writing a post, the user can search for real-time social media posts, gifs, article links, images, music and videos by using their right side tool bar. Once finding an appropriate post, the user may simply drag the post into the article and it is automatically put into place. By using this platform, the user is able to create interactive and real time content. In addition, users are also able to collaborate with other Storify writers in the same article.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.13.45 PM


So has this platform been successful? Will people use Livefyre instead of WordPress or other blogging platforms?

To give you an idea of Livefyre’s success, let’s take a look at their customer list. Some of their top clients are CNN, FedEx, Hallmark, SkyNews, and Motorola. They have over 1.000 enterprise customers in addition to 65 million registered users–pretty impressive.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.21.36 PM


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Become a 21st Century Patreon

We’ve all heard of a kickstarter campaign; a crowdfunding resources that allows innovative individuals to get a jump on funding their latest project. Using this method not only helps develop an interested audience but also allows them to feel involved with the creation process. Entrepreneurs are able to get funding and encouragement from these interested parties. At Patreon, crowdfunding is revolutionized to help create an open line between innovators and audiences.

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The Future of Online Dating


I thought I would write a post about online dating in general since my idea, “The Dating Pool” focuses on this area.  There definitely seems to be a trend where online dating is not only becoming more popular by the numbers, but increasingly more accepted and seen as a real way to obtain a date.  The Pew Research Center did a study on online dating at the beginning of last year; their research indicates that at least 11% of the American population has used online dating as an attempt to obtain a date or meet that special someone.  This is an estimated 33 million people!  Also, as compared with a 2005 study, almost 60% of Americans believe that online dating is a legitimate way to meet new people, whereas in ’05 this number was 44%.  Also on the opposite side of the coin, in ’05 29% of Americans thought that people who use online dating were “desperate.” The new study shows this number now at only 21%.  These numbers represent a trend towards better acceptance of online dating which in all probability will result in an increase in members for these types of sites.

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