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Well, this post was supposed to be written hours ago, but I got distracted by watching videos from the Ellen Show on EllenTube. With competitors like the online video-sharing king, Youtube, only Ellen Degeneres could have her own video website and somehow keep it afloat.

The website is a hub for all of the addicting clips from the Ellen show. Although EllenTube is a very similar concept as YouTube, it has set itself apart by the website layout, and video categories. The homepage layout consists of image sliders, featured videos, trending hashtags, most recent videos, best user uploads, etc. The color scheme is very colorful and bright, as is the logo, a tv with feet and a color striped screen. The video categories consist of: Kids, Scares, Dance, Cats, LOL, Studios, Celebrity Interviews, Oops, Talented Kids, Ellen’s Favorites and many more. Within each category, the video corresponds with a segment from the show. This makes the video search process for a user much easier because each category is distinct to the Ellen Show. When choosing a video, the website also pushes for the user to share the video on Facebook and Twitter, by placing two large share buttons below the video. By encouraging video sharing, EllenTube is spreading the Ellen Show brand internet-wide.

It is interesting to think about the reason behind this project. Why does Ellen need her own video sharing website? Is there a major difference between EllenTube and YouTube? At first, I was slightly turned off by the project. It seemed a little unnecessary to create an entire website for a television show’s video clips. As I started researching the website and trying it out for myself, I became much more open to the idea. The Ellen Show is known for its laughable segments, charming host, and generosity. EllenTube enhances the Ellen Show’s brand by portraying itself as fun-loving, entertaining and plugged in. And it is easier to get lost in a video binge when the they are all located in one place.

I think EllenTube has done an effective job of promoting the Ellen Show and it’s brand, along with encouraging it’s viewers to say, “just one more video…”

Now back to EllenTube!

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TheFineBros Find Themselves Less Fine After Fiasco

In case you’ve never heard of TheFineBros let me ask you this; have you ever watched a “reaction” video? perhaps one titled “elders react to…” or “kids react to…”? if the answer is no then below you will find and example to watch. If your answer is yes then you can just watch the video for kicks and gigs.

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Vlogging: A Hobby or Career?

During the early 2000’s, the concept of video blogging came to life. This new form of media brought a more personal quality to the digital world. Looking beyond still photos, people were able to capture their lives through short videos and share them with the digital community. Viewers not only became familiar with the vloggers appearance, but also began to connect with their personality and chose to invest their time into the vlogger’s channels.

Now, this concept may seem invasive or narcissistic–why should we care about what people are doing on a daily basis? Yet, there was a tremendous positive response from the digital community, specifically the YouTube community. Quickly the video blogging concept expanded exponentially to genres such as gaming tutorials, beauty tutorials, comedy films, DIY tutorials, travel guides, everyday life and much more.

Here is where it gets interesting: some vloggers not only vlog as a hobby, but rather as a career. The top Youtube bloggers have created an incredible brand for themselves, establishing an immense following of loyal fans. Starting with a few simple videos, these vloggers have launched a career of film making, book writing, key note speaking, and a variety of other paths.

An example of such success is Zoe Sugg, an English 22 year old who has conquered the beauty/lifestyle vlogging genre. In 2009, Sugg created her channel, “Zoella,” which focused on beauty and fashion tutorials. After experiencing social anxiety and panic attacks, vlogging helped Sugg cope and overcome her struggles. After 2 years of vlogging, Sugg gained a large following on her channel and her popularity escalated. 7 years since her channel launch, Sugg’s vlogging journey has led her to achieve a following of 10 million subscribers, establish multiple YouTube channels, produce a beauty product line, and publish a book.

To learn more about Sugg, watch this adorable video:

A second example is a pair of British twin boys named Jack and Finn Harries. Their Youtube channel, “Jacksgap,” originated during their gap year in between high school and college. Jack uploaded his first vlog 4 years ago, which currently claims over 3.2 million views. Since then, the Harries twins have curated a multi-platform brand which eloquently tells their adventurous, free-spirited story. Their vlogging experiences have led them to travel internationally, partner with global corporations, advocate for social justice and impact the lives of millions.



… and now


These avant-garde millennials have pioneered another avenue for web-based careers, demonstrating once again that a career does not have to be a 9-5 day job. Instead, a career has the potential to be unconventional- something that has the ability to impact the world.


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Roosters in Austin, TX, Reaching New Heights due to Alien Invasion

Although the idea of poultry in the air and a global extraterrestrial takeover is part hilarious and part terrifying, I’m not referring to our feathered friends. Rather I’m referring to a movie that recently hit box offices called Lazer Team, a comedy fantasy/science fiction film produced by Rooster Teeth Productions and funded by their loyal fans. Raising $2.5 million dollars (over 300% of their  intended goal) through an indegogo campaign it’s a wonder how what started as a five man team making a Halo machinima web series developed into an icon of the internet.

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Uncovering the Mystery of Flash

Adobe Flash Player
          So, often times people will talk about Flash and why it’s enabling/disabling a searcher from performing a task online. I have really no idea what Flash is, so now seems as good a time as any to learn about it.
          The Adobe Flash Player, better known as Flash, is “the leading web design and development platform for creating expressive applications, content, and video that run consistently across operating systems and devices and reach over 98% of Internet-connected desktop users.” While Adobe itself believes it’s the best platform out there, third-party users have evaluated it and listed the many pros and many cons to Flash. The following list is from Optimus01.
  • makes navigation easier
  • easy to learn
  • useful for presentations
  • adds interest to your website
  • allows data to be presented in an interesting way
  • allows videos and animated images to be added
  • the display of text is more interesting
  • in certain formats MPEG’s and AVI’s can be compressed
  • semantical formats, servers and databases can be connected
  • sound can be incorporated into the website
  • can be used to make games
  • can be used to make website entertainment features
  • allows a much more memorable site to be created
  • there is no limit to use only still images or text
  • gives a good graphical impression


  • search engines are unable to navigate through Flash websites
  • some users are unable to use Flash websites
  • lowers your site’s SEO
  • can cause websites to load slowly
  • creates large files
  • visitors can be lost, because, of the lengthy loading time
  • download time is increased
  • older versions of Flash do not allow back buttons to be used
  • older versions of Flash do not change color when links are visited
  • Flash player must be downloaded by the user before Flash movies can be viewed
  • users do not favor Flash
  • users tend to get bored after being on the site for a while
  • users may enjoy the site during the first visit, however, they may not return
  • users are not always willing to download Flash player
  • sites tend to rank low in search engine results, as search engines cannot index the site content properly

Yeah, those are two long lists, but there’s a lot of important information in them. Basically, when you’re building a website, you’re going to want to take into account that viewers will want it to be user-friendly and appealing, while also having a short loading time… and you’re going to want it to be adaptable to SEO.

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Climbing the Ranks

YouTube is reworking their ranking algorithm.  Videos that can capture their audience’s attention longer will get higher rankings than those that just have more clicks.  The logic behind it is simple: Holding someone’s attention is more important than just getting it.

That logic also has some important implications for entrepreneurs trying to leverage the internet, and more specifically, the viral video to their advantage.  Here are 7 tips on creating stronger engagement:

1. Don’t waste your time trying to beat the system

Instead of spending valuable time trying to hack into the ranking algorithm, dedicate your time to making a better video.

2. Know your audience

This seems simple, but what might be funny or interesting to you and your peers might be completely irrelevant to your target market.  Do your research.

3. Give them a reason to stick around

Just like a good story has to capture the reader’s attention in the first sentence, the first 5-10 seconds of the video are crucial in keeping the viewer’s attention.

4. Plan ahead

Great videos don’t just spontaneously appear.  Put in the time to do a story-board, gather materials, and present a decently polished video.  Just because the video is short doesn’t mean that it won’t take any time to create.

5.  Have energy

No one wants to watch a stiff performance.  The more dynamic your presentation, the better (without crossing into being obnoxious).

6. Take risks

You’re an entrepreneur, so put those unconventional thinking skills to the test.  The best part is, the most you have to lose is some time.

7. Pay attention to the headlines and descriptions

Your video might be great, but without the correct keywords, no one will be able to find it.  Use Google Keyword Analytic to see if your word choices are popular.

One of the main things to remember is to be consistent in producing videos and don’t give up too soon.  Building a strong and loyal audience takes time and dedication.

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