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The Failures of WordPress

The Failures of WordPress

I thought it would be a bit of a change (as did the publisher of the article I read) to talk about the disadvantages of WordPress.  As the writer of the article entitled, “WordPress Fans Beware: Main Disadvantages of Using WordPress,” points out, no one needs to write another article about how awesome WordPress is.  These articles are a dime a dozen, and for good reason.  However, there are few out there in the world of the Internet that have decided to take on the major disadvantages of WordPress as a website creation platform.

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First Steps in Starting an Internet Based Company

Now that our class has delivered our ideas and narrowed them down, it comes time to focus on applying these ideas in a business sense.  The process of actually starting an internet based company can be a difficult one and is quite easy to get lost along the way.  For me at least I had no idea where to begin during the launching process and had to refer to an article by Yaro Starak on 3 easy steps to starting an internet business.

Starak’s first step in the article was to focus on driving traffic to your site.  I guess for this to be applicable you need to have a site already built so at times this could be the second step, but for the sake of time we will assume a site already exists.  To drive attention to your business’s website you will have to focus on the different aspects of search engine optimization.  This generally includes focusing on providing valuable content to your customers.  Other ways of gaining traffic include implementing a paid campaign, where you pay for click.

The second step is to use the traffic gained to make a sale.  Although sales in the beginning of your business might not be where you want, it is important to propose value in your front end product.  This initial value will build a strong relationship with your customers and increase the rate at which they return and buy again.  Once value is perceived in your brand and product, it allows for an increase in profits leading to the last step.

The third step is to increase you margins.  By achieving perceived value in your product, you justify an increase in price.  With this increase in price, your business will increase profits and become even more successful.  Another implementation associated with increased margins is related to diversification and offering extended expert services.  Being seen as valuable will increase credibility providing opportunities to sell you knowledge linked to your product and brand.

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Marketing… or Just Plain Story Telling?

Story Telling

I just read an interesting article on about the art of story telling and it’s significance when it comes to business and it’s use as a marketing tool.  I think that as entrepreneurs we can often get stuck on our products and perhaps the numbers associated with them.  Take for instance a flashlight… if I were selling it I might highlight some of the features – the battery lasts for 10 consecutive hours, the light’s brightness is 500,000 candle power, the light is water proof, etc.  These are all great features, but do they really sell the product?  On the other hand if I can tell a story: Bob was hiking in the Alaskan wilderness in the dark and fell through the ice along with his trusty flashlight.  Luckily the water wasn’t deep, and because his flashStory Telling Firelight was still lit on the bottom, he was able to retrieve it and use it to gather some firewood quickly in order to warm himself when he was in immediate danger of hypothermia.  If Bob had a different flashlight, he would have been wandering aimlessly in the dark trying to find adequate firewood to start a desperately needed fire to warm himself.  Bob would have frozen to death and perhaps never have been found in the middle of this remote Alaskan wilderness.


 The Power of Story Telling

Hopefully you get my point, features of products may appeal to our intellect, but often our intellect isn’t as great a persuader as our emotions when it comes to making a purchase.  Stories touch our emotions and really good stories help us to relate to them.  The article I read gives a particular Kickstarter example of the power of story: One individual started out looking for $10 to make potato salad and yet made over $55,000 because of the story behind their idea.  Another question you might be asking is how does this relate to internet entrepreneurship.


 Story Telling and Content Marketing

One very effective means of reaching potential customers in the e-commerce world is content marketing.  Because we are all bombarded daily with various ads and other marketing techniques we have developed filters to help us eliminate and ignore most marketing ploys.  The marketer has to take a new approach to reaching consumers.  Instead of hitting consumers with mind numbing ads, why not create content (and this often means stories) that users will relate to and want to read or view.  According to the article, 2014 was “the year of the story,” and though we are now in 2015 I don’t see this trend letting up. If anything, I believe the power of story will only become more prevalent as consumers filter out more and more traditional marketing attempts.  This is good news for those of us who choose to use content marketing in our blogs, on our product pages, and in our e-commerce activities.  So next time you are tempted to talk about a products features, instead try and tell a story that your target market can relate to and see if the results don’t go beyond what you’ve expected.

To read the related article to this blog click here. Story Telling Could Bring Your Brand to Life and Strengthen Your Marketing Impact.

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What is in a name?

… Domain names, that is.

If you think about it, your domain name (the home URL) is one of the most important parts of your site. What someone types in the address bar is essential… is your site what they’re truly looking for? Will they be able to find your site by its domain name? The following is a summary from an article all about URL importance from All About Your Own Website.

Website Accessibility

  • domain name — the address of your website… without it, your visitors won’t be able to locate your website and wouldn’t be able to read your content, buy your products or subscribe to your newsletter.
  • a domain name can be pointed to any web server… make sure it is secured; never allow anybody else to have access to your domain name.

Search Engine Optimization

  • a domain name may describe the nature of the website that it represents… help search engine robots to see the topic of the website –> a proper domain name will let search engine robots see that a specific website has what the searcher is looking for


  • a website that has a proper website address will look more professional
  • more professional = more trust = more traffic

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Has WooCommerce Wooed you?

If you didn’t watch the video, I highly suggest you stop reading and watch it now.

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page we all understand why WooCommerce is so important for us. While there are a lot of components to it, this plugin simplifies the challenges of eCommerce. WooCommerce makes it easier for us to understand how to use it in the back end because it’s modeled after the best practices in WordPress.

WooCommerce is built using WordPress best practices both on the front and the back end. This results in an efficient, robust and intuitive plugin. It conveniently allows us to track incoming sales and reviews, stock levels and general store performance and statistics from the WordPress dashboard or to go to the reports section to view stats in more detail. It’s customizable, working with any theme. You don’t even have to worry about programming different options for payment and shipping methods; WooCommerce comes bundled with several popular options including PayPal Standard (for accepting Credit Card and PayPal account payments), BACS, Cash on Delivery, flat rate shipping, and free shipping.

If that’s not one-stop-shopping, I don’t know what is.

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Inbound Marketing Hits the Spot

Your website might be the best looking site out there, but if it doesn’t have an excellent marketing plan with sufficient follow thru, stunted growth is inevitable. That’s where HubSpot comes in. As the Number 1 marketing platform, they’ve helped over 10,000 companies of all sizes in fifty-six different countries grow their sites and inadvertently their businesses. Through their expertise they focus on inbound marketing through tools to attract visitors (blogging, social media,  SEO), convert leads (calls to action, landing pages, forms, lead management), and close customers (email, marketing automation, analytics, salesforce sync), along with apps to add on to your site.

Many of the old tactics no longer work, as many of us can attest to. According to HubSpot, 200 million phone numbers are on the “Do Not Call” list, 44% of direct mail is never opened, and 86% people skip TV ads. Brian Hilligan, HubSpot’s CEO and co-founder, noticed this after years in the marketing business: “Humans, people like you and I, were kinda sick and tired of being marketed to and were really good at blocking that marketing out.” Dharmesh Shah, CTO and co-founder, says that HubSpot gets rid of the old and brings in the new by “helping marketer’s address that fundamental shift that is happening… essentially transforming their marketing. And the way we believe that’s possible is by having a platform that is essentially built to be ground up, to be integrated, and to address that transformation.” The minds at HubSpot hope to help you Turn your website into a magnet. Create content, optimize it for search engines and share it on social media. Then engage your prospects with landing pages, calls to action, personalized email and a personalized website. That’s how you market to humans. That’s inbound marketing.” Start attracting your customers instead of interrupting them.

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