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Blue Apron: Food At Your Doorstep

Blue Apron is an internet based company taking the subscription model to the next level. This business is based on the idea that people want to eat healthy, cook their own food, and know that the food they’re eating is organic and fresh. Customers pay on a per-week basis to have a box of fresh food and recipes delivered to their door. Shipping is free and you can skip a week any time. By effectively eliminating the middleman of fresh produce – grocery stores – they are able to deliver the exact portions needed for each recipe to help reduce food waste. This is especially helpful for couples or smaller families who don’t consume enough food to make it worth it to buy unique food for one recipe that may not get used up. Through this model, Blue Apron aims to target customers who want to save time and money on their weekly grocery shopping routines and reduce waste. With two pricing structures aimed at couples and families and free shipping, Blue Apron has made it easy to select a plan and easy to receive your order. Their website is friendly and inviting, and they offer a mobile app that lets you check on what recipes are coming in your next order.

Blue Apron has definitely captured a niche market. Healthy and organic eating has been a trend for the past few years, but harnessing that trend into a subscription model that removed very prevalent pain points from consumers’ lives was a genius move. Whether you are a young professional or a married parent, grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking are time consuming activities that many people dread. Usually to avoid these pains people resort to eating out or ordering takeaway food. Blue Apron’s model allows for an easier dinner making process – grocery shopping will take less time, cooking is easier because the portions are already provided and a detailed recipe is included, and meal planning is simply choosing from a list of that week’s options. At the same time, the experience encourages customers to learn new cooking skills, try out new flavors, and expand their palate. The subscription internet business model has proven to be successful time and time again, but Blue Apron truly has pushed it to a point that few people thought to take it.

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“The more you learn, the more you earn.” ~ Warren Buffett


Today our modern landscape is changing faster than we can blink. Merely a decade ago was something to laugh at, now it is the single largest retailer in the U.S. Hiring practices used to be based on pedigree and risk minimization, now offers its new employees $3,000 after training to quit (a tactic to rule out employees who do not truly wish to be there). My point remains the world is changing faster than we leymen can reasonably keep up with.

Those who struggle most from this changing landscape are today’s CEOs: Tasked with leading a company into a future. Burdened with the mantle of financial security for their staff. Expected to perform a hundred hours worth of work in a mere sixty hour work week. It is difficult to say the least.

Astoundingly it is seen that the CEOs of some of the most successful companies share one common practice, they read. They don’t just read though, they consume information at an alarming rate. summarized a plethora of surveys from these miracle workers discovering that the average book count for a single year among the upper echelon of business was a stunning one-hundred books per person. So how does someone so consumed by business and responsibility find the time to read so much? Frankly, I think the best of the best must have some sort of genetic abnormality which relieves them of the necessity of sleep.

What about the rest of the world? For them a new venture has appeared, This site delivers three books per month with cheat sheets and quick memorization tools so that the CEO on the go can quickly gleam the useful ideas and move on in mere minutes a day. The price tag is slightly high for the average man, but not for the average CEO. Priced at $225 per month on a monthly subscription model this service is not aimed at the average employee. Still it has caught on in the right spheres and is already a cash positive venture due in part to the co-founder’s reputation as a knowledge guru.

Tai Lopez made a name for himself (and quite a few conspiracy theories) with his YouTube ad Here In My Garage, where he stood next to his Lamborghini and bragged instead about his books on the wall. It quickly went viral and earned him a name. He was later featured on a TedTalk where he claimed to read a book a day and branded himself in that manner. With this type of personal branding he took his following and launched which immediately sold out and went cash-positive.

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