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The Failures of WordPress

The Failures of WordPress

I thought it would be a bit of a change (as did the publisher of the article I read) to talk about the disadvantages of WordPress.  As the writer of the article entitled, “WordPress Fans Beware: Main Disadvantages of Using WordPress,” points out, no one needs to write another article about how awesome WordPress is.  These articles are a dime a dozen, and for good reason.  However, there are few out there in the world of the Internet that have decided to take on the major disadvantages of WordPress as a website creation platform.

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Has WooCommerce Wooed you?

If you didn’t watch the video, I highly suggest you stop reading and watch it now.

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page we all understand why WooCommerce is so important for us. While there are a lot of components to it, this plugin simplifies the challenges of eCommerce. WooCommerce makes it easier for us to understand how to use it in the back end because it’s modeled after the best practices in WordPress.

WooCommerce is built using WordPress best practices both on the front and the back end. This results in an efficient, robust and intuitive plugin. It conveniently allows us to track incoming sales and reviews, stock levels and general store performance and statistics from the WordPress dashboard or to go to the reports section to view stats in more detail. It’s customizable, working with any theme. You don’t even have to worry about programming different options for payment and shipping methods; WooCommerce comes bundled with several popular options including PayPal Standard (for accepting Credit Card and PayPal account payments), BACS, Cash on Delivery, flat rate shipping, and free shipping.

If that’s not one-stop-shopping, I don’t know what is.

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The Perfect Palette

The Perfect PaletteThis blog post is a shout-out to any designers out there, artistic or not.  One of the biggest issues for anyone working with anything that needs to be visually appealing (painting a home, making a flyer, designing a logo, editing a magazine, etc.) is finding the right color palette.  For some people, thinking of   a palette is a challenge akin to wrestling a crocodile.  But whether you’re trying to find a third or fourth color to fit the mix, or searching for that initial inspiration, Design Seeds provides hundreds of  drool-worthy, beautiful palette suggestions.

Pair Design Seeds with Color Picker, an app for  Google Chrome (or Mozilla, or any other internet browser) and you have a match made in heaven.  Color Picker allows you to point out any color on a web page and reference it in the color spectrum computers have in common.  So pick a palette you like, and easily re-create it in whatever program you are using.

Hapy Designing!


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Be in the Now: Super Sleek Web Design

As an entrepreneur, you know that your website’s design communicates your company’s brand image  to the masses. The million dollar question: How do you design your site to grab your customers’ attention and pull them from your competitors?

One answer that is quickly rising to the top is image-based, super sleek web design. This visually arresting style evades the traditional by combining minimalist typefaces,  high resolution, rich contrast, single image backgrounds, and scrolling or roll-over navigation.

The nature of such aesthetically concerned websites makes this style  most beneficial to businesses that are trying to differentiate their services from competitors’ through brand image. Some examples are real estate brokers or law firms.

But don’t fear, such super sleek design is pliable. Other successful proponents include hard goods companies, personal websites, museums, architecture firms, and e-commerce websites.

The bottom line: If you want your website to stand out, learn from the best and use bold, sleek design.

Check out these examples of beautiful sites and see for yourself.


The Diehl Group – Architecture Firm

Sleek Website Design








De Certeau & Associates – Legal Firm

Sleek Website Design








CG Rendering – Design Firm

Sleek Website Design








Shelley Sandzer – Real Estate Agency

Sleek real estate website design








Inzeit – Mobile Retail Firm              Warning: this site’s navigation is AWESOME

Sleek mobile design website








Grey Goose – Liquor Company

Sleek liquor company website design








Salt Surf – Surf Lifestyle Brand

Sleek surf company website design








Grayden and Jenny – Wedding Website

Sleek wedding website deisgn








Anna Safroncik – Personal Website

Sleek personal website design








Rijksmuseum – Museum

Sleek museum website design








Tommaso Nervegna – Personal Blog

Sleek personal blog website design








Vanmoof – Bicycle Manufacturer

Sleek ecommerce website design

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User Generated Ads

In experimenting with wordpress plug-ins I recently discovered an interesting company useful to almost any blogger looking for a new source of advertising.  Most bloggers know about Google adsense, I recently blogged about the company Skimlinks which assists blogger in gaining affiliate links, but what about your own readers? Anyone who has ever read a newspaper classifieds has seen reader generated ads. Why not look to your readers to get some more ads? Your readers are obviously interested in your field and like your writing. Quite likely some of them will be in business in your field, or on relating to it. But do you really want to sort through countless emails negotiating price ad method of payment?  That’s where Komoona Ads comes in.

Komoona ads provide a simple and easy way to allow your readers to purchase ad space on your site. You can set up both the size and location of this advertising and they can set up the images and links. You even have control over who have advertise on your site, because komoona gives you the opportunity to review ads before they go up on your site.

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WordPress is a Wonderful Whimsical World: Part 3

Back by popular demand! I have received multiple comments and emails requesting that I continue my series on WordPress. So, to calm the masses here is “WordPress is a Wonderful Whimsical World: Part 3”!

WordPress is a Wonderful Whimsical World: Part 1

WordPress is a Wonderful Whimsical World: Part 2

Part 1 explained the purpose and benefit to using WordPress & part 2 explained the versatility of WordPress. Now let’s get to it!


Okay, if you’ve followed my first two posts, you now have a WordPress account and you’re ready to get started. What’s first? Well, unless you like the rather unattractive basic default theme you need to obtain a new theme and apply it to your site. WordPress offers over 1400 themes for free, so feel free to browse and apply some free WordPress themes. This is really your only option if you registered for a free WordPress account. If you went ahead and signed up for premium, as highly suggest, you can get any WordPress theme (whether free download or purchase) and apply it to your site through a zip file upload. I’ll discuss installing premium themes and plugins in a later post.

Here are a few cool WordPress theme sites you may want to check out:

There are a lot of other theme companies out there, but I’m not going to take away all the fun of looking ;) happy searching!
Want more themes companies? Comment below and if I get enough requests I’ll post more in another post!
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