There are invariably posts here about CEOs, and the steps to becoming one; I’m a guilty party as much as any.  But today I want to introduce you to a term that you have likely never previously come across (caution, this is not a typo): CMEO.  Urban Dictionary will try to trick you in to thinking that this means, “Crying My Eyes Out,” but don’t fall for it.

A C(ME)O is a person who is their own CEO.  It means that your blood and sweat, your labor, pay off for you and not someone else.  You control what you do, and when you do it; what you invest will pay off for you, but you will also be the one responsible should failure bare its teeth.  Many entrepreneurs are CMEOs, driven to start and own a business,  to work to make it prosper.  Not all entrepreneurs fit this mold, but a great many do.

If nothing else, meet a catchy new term. Otherwise, think about whether you would rather be a CEO or a CMEO?

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