I personally think that craigslist is much easier to use than eBay. I experience craigslist sell tool, because I had to sell a lots of staff for my boss, and I have found that listing my items through craigslist have gave better results. One of the features that I like in craigslist is that you can post or list your items within your state, which makes more sense fore me. With this feature the customer can find an item within the distance that he or she is willing to travel, and that’s one of the things that eBay does not offer to the customer. Another advantage of using craigslist is that sellers do not have to pay a fee to post the item, however, this has a downfall because craigslist does not offer protection for buyers of sellers. But unlike eBay the costumer has the option to go and pick up the item the same day. In my own experience this have not been a problem yet, and is easier for me to list something on craigslist without worrying to pay a fee, which is good because I am a college student who does not have much money. I think this two selling engines offer the costumer different tools to sell or buy, but in my opinion I will pick craigslist, because offers you a free service and amazing bargains.

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  1. I wrote a post almost exactly like this and I agree that Craigslist seems better than E-bay:)

  2. pestobaugh says:

    Yeah, but what about for small items? If i want a poster, dvd, etc., items that are easy to mail and relatively cheap, is not ebay better? Ebay is so easy to use because it offers buyer and seller protection. You can upload photos easily as a seller and this makes shopping more interactive. For large items it makes sense to have a website that limits a search to people in your area, but for small items i don’t care where the seller is, I just want it cheap.

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