diggIt’s  the 21st Century and you’d be caught off guard if you heard someone say, “Dude – that’s sweet!  I totally dig that!”, but many internet users have been “digging” interesting things on the internet since 2004.  Digg is essentially a site where users can vote up (digg) or vote down (burry) stories they find on the internet.  Submitted stories can range from humorous posters to serious economic comentaries to freaky health issues.   

Digg’s approach is unlike a typical link database in the since that it is uses the democratic system.  The more popular a site is, the more diggs it will get and the higher it will rank in the database until the most popular sites appear on Digg’s homepage

So why does Digg attract nearly 236 million visitors every year? 

  • Relevant, up-to-date information
  • Similar to Stumble Upon, but bad sites are weeded out by others
  • Useful for finding new websites and blogs
  • Constantly changing content

Though a very succinct list, it addreses most of the issues why users come back to Digg day after day.  Why do you dig Digg?

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