Every year, We Are Social and Hootsuite release an annual report covering major trends in internet, social media, and mobile use. This report is massive – they released a deck of over 100 slides with graphs and statistics about the growth or decline of internet usage across hundreds of countries. You could spend a whole day or more digging into the specifics of this report and what it means to internet based businesses, but here are a few snapshots:

We can see a sharp increase of mobile device usage as well as a definite growth in “other devices,” though the total usage for this category remains small. This keeps in line with Google’s recent shift toward valuing mobile-friendly websites over non-responsive sites. As Internet entrepreneurs, we should keep in mind how much people value the ease of accessing the Internet from mobile devices, and build our websites and apps accordingly.

We Are Social’s analysis of what Internet usage means for businesses is spot on. Gone is the day that having a strong Internet presence was just an option. The Internet has become engrained into our very way of life, and should be treated as such from the business side of things. Internet usage and access should be factored in to every business plan and model. Not only do we need to understand how our customers think and what pains them, but we have to know how the behave on the Internet and what the best ways of reaching them digitally would be.

Facebook is absolutely top dog when it comes to social media platforms. It will remain one of the best ways to reach a lot of customers at once and it shows no signs of slowing down. Facebook along with Google dominates the online advertising world. We can expect to see more advertisements being integrated to the Facebook platform and should capitalize on this social media giant by advertising on Facebook as well as other online places such as Google. It is also moving toward a serious social ecommerce platform, which can be a tremendous advantage for Internet-based businesses.

You can view the entire presentation on Digital Trends in 2017 on Slideshare.

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  1. That is very helpful information for any internet entrepreneur, or business in general to look at. What I think is especially relevant is your reminder, that the internet is now a part of our consumer society and businesses need to keep this in mind when thinking of and designing strategies. Also, I did not know that Facebook was moving towards a more serious ecommerce addition, but this makes total sense and it will be very interesting to see what happens with that.

  2. schambergle1 says:

    Looking at foot traffic throughout the internet is very important to any business owner. Optimizing the most eyes you can to your advertising.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Entrepreneur’s can use information like this to determine the best way to reach as many consumers as possible.

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