Vote for your top 3 choices in the form below by midnight tonight – 3/11/16.  You may not vote for your own pitch.

We will announce the winning ideas on Monday, 3/14/16, and will begin to make arrangements for projects for the second half of the semester.

This year’s entries are as follows:

Jordan Horst – Studio Song
Logan Hammerschmitt – Pocket Gnomes
Noel Mathew – Steady Hand Solution
Jordan Hudock – MicroWavly
Jake Botzenhart – Bylt
Mike Cole – MusKit
Keaton Grant – Keaton’s Kicks
Dan Christiansen – Go Run Box
Elaina Kimpel – Upbeat
Ben Hinkle –
Victoria O’Brien – Museum Sherpa
Claire Dobransky – Mobile Music
Noah Stewart – NEXT
Katie Toomey – Rate My Notes
Levi Roberts – Outfit of the Day
Ben Tobias – Worldwide Drones
Cliff Hovis – Performance Appearance Parts
John Laurie – Alpha Male
Josh Van Eerden – Ether U
Bethany Tibbets – Crafted Local
Nick Storm – Buddy Up
Elisabeth O’Brien – College Visit
Brandon Wise – Take Out the Trash
Sarah Taylor – Discrete Bible App
Rachel Leung – re: com

Elevator Pitch Voting Form

Vote for your top 3 choices by entering the students' names below. You may not vote for yourself.