Here are some people who have proven that you can be successful at any age through the advantages the internet  gives us all. Here is the top five internet entrepeneurs under 21 thanks to this site.

1. Catherine Cook

MyYearBook – 

Why Catherine Matters:

Catherine Cook of managed to get 5 Million Members on Talk to Catherine Cook for any length of time and you get the distinct feeling you don’t need to remember this girl’s name because you’ll be hearing it often in the years to come.

2. Ashley Qualls

atEverLife – 

Why Ashley Qualls Matters:

Ashley Qualls who is already a multi-millionaire, and has taken the young entrepreneurs world by storm.Aged just 14, Ashley created, a Myspace layouts site aimed at the female demographic, the site now gets over 250,000 visitors every single day, which is more than teen magazines such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen & Cosmogirl… combined.Ashley doesn’t charge users to use the site, instead, she strategically places ads on the site, and around 60% of her monthly income comes from Google Adsense.

3. Paul Bourqe

Affiliate – 

Why Paul Bourqe:

When I mentioned to Paul that I was doing this post he let me know how many leads he had produced since starting Affiliate Marketing just over a year ago. He has manged to total over 544,120 Leads and at 19 years old – no wonder he has managed to total over $500,000 in one month.

4. David Wilkinson


Why David Matters:

From Video Game Nerd to Internet Entrepreneur aged 14, David Wilkinson Super Affiliate reveals the secrets of his online success. As you read this interview you will be tempted to think ? is this guy REAL? Especially when you read the maturity of reply and the WISDOM of David.

5. Carl Ocab

Carl Ocab – 

Why Carl Matters:

Carl first started his website about making money online as a young entrepreneur at the age of 13. Now 15 he makes several thousands of dollars every month from affiliate sales and private ad deals.

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