facebook“What’s it called again honey, My Face?” Try explaining to anyone over the age of 50 the difference between Facebook and MySpace and you’ll get a blank stare. There is a difference though…or so I have heard. In fact, the debate is almost as intense as the pop vs. soda word choice that my friends and I argue about on a regular basis. What’s the difference, and is there a right choice?

“The goodie two shoes, jocks, athletes, or other ‘good’ kids are now going to Facebook” and MySpace is “… home for … ‘burnouts,’ ‘alternative kids,’ ‘art f*gs,’ punks, emos, goths, gangstas, queer kids, and other kids who didn’t play into the dominant high school popularity paradigm.” reports Berkeley Ph.D. student Danah Boyd.

Interesting.I do not have a MySpace account, so I decided to poll 50 of my friends (students at GCC) to see if there was a prevailing attitude towards MySpace or Facebook.

Survey Results

  • 33 of the respondents have a only Facebook account
  • 0 of the respondents have only a MySpace account
  • 3 of the respondents have both Facebook and MySpace
  • 1 respondent has neither type of account


MySpace is for teenie boppers, that for some ungodly reason aren’t bothered by abominable web page designs. I don’t care what or who the account is for, I usually immediately close the window as soon as it’s opened. It always pains me when some artist that I listen to uses MySpace as their only webpage. – Joe

Facebook is much cleaner and fulfills networking purposes much better. The best feature is that the advertisements are never offensively large or “in your face”. In fact it’s easy to forget that the ads are even there, which is probably the biggest reason Facebook wins. That and they don’t let users design their profile page. – Joe

I used to have myspace too, but then I got hit on by a creepy girl I didn’t know. So I deleted it. – Becky

Myspace is so highschool. That’s where I used to go to procure hookups. Now I just show my face in public… – Eric

MySpace sucks. Facebook sucks…less? Myspace is only good for music artists’ pages; facebook is better at social networking – Dustin

Myspace is old and outdated, and creepier people are on there. – Tim

Myspace is for jr-highers (or high schoolers who never grew out of the jr. high phase.) Facebook, however, with all the applications, quizzes, games, top-friends, etc, is turning more and more like myspace. (I think this happened when it became open to everyone.) Myspace also always made me feel like I was getting a virus or something. It just seems shadier. I no longer have a myspace account. – Amanda

Facebook is cleaner and gives the appearance of being safer.  Myspace pages are typically loaded with busy backgrounds and those online quizzes like “What Disney princess are you?” (fun but when you have to scroll through them all to comment it’s a little annoying) – Laura

Facebook took over myspace, myspace is for people behind the times.
Myspace is weird, but not gonna lie, it’s a part of my past… – Corrie

I think that Facebook has better privacy settings and is easier to limit to friends only.  Since its origins as a college network, I see Facebook as reaching an older and more educated population. – Amy

I think people with myspace use it for music mostly. – Barbara


My very biased and unscientific poll at least supports the theory that there are perceived class distinctions between Facebook and MySpace.  Forbes Magazine has examined this distinction in terms of advertising. Should advertisers notice the differences and use adds differently on each site to target different audiences? The correct answer is soda, but as far as Facebook vs. MySpace…

3 Responses to “My Face, SpaceBook, Face Space?”

  1. Terrance Gothachur says:

    The perceived class differences between Myspace and Facebook are extremely prevalent. Myspace thrived in the past because it was originally targeted to a younger, teenage user. However, the “creepiness factor” as some social analysts have called it, has infiltrated itself fully into Myspace as older, “outdated” adults joined. Facebook, beginning to follow this model and letting more people into its network, more than just the college student, will inevitably suffer the same fate and maybe ‘SpaceBook’ will take over from there.


  2. I used to have a myspace account and eventually deleted it (after getting a facebook of course), but not because of the said “creepiness factor” or anything like that, but actually because of all the band/bar/club messages that I was getting. I wanted to be on there to network with my friends (and meet girls, haha oh hs), and all I was getting was comments about “this show” or “this dance” and stuff like that. It was really annoying, and fortunately facebook hasn’t stooped that low yet. I did really enjoy the customization that myspace offered with your pages. It was nice to be able to break away from everyone else and make a page that was exactly how you wanted it to look instead of it being the same as every other persons. I’m waiting for facebook to sell out completely, but in the meantime I’m going to continue to use it.

  3. Here is why this post was selected as the”Hot Wing Post of the Week“…
    – Clever title that hinted where the post was going.

    – Good intro, grabbed your attention with a story.

    – Had a picture that related to the post. Used bullet points to further break it up.

    – Great quote from a respected source that drove the point of the post home.

    – Very creative use of a survey to poll student opinion and outlined the results to the reader.

    – Tied the end back to the beginning in a clever way… “The correct answer is soda, but as far as Facebook vs. MySpace…”

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