Facebook is the single largest social network on the planet. With well over a billion views per month the possible uses for this tool are incredible. One of the biggest questions asked by business owners in regards to Facebook is as follows, “Is Facebook professional enough to be used as a tool to promote my business?” To be completely honest there is no all-inclusive answer to that question. However, no matter what your business you certainly shouldn’t rule it out as being a valuable marketing asset.

There are a few unique ways to promote your business via Facebook. The two major ways to do so are Groups and Pages. Below is a graph that lays out some feature of both.

Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages

Ryan Herman shows a graph of facebook groups vs. pages(Graph provided by: http://www.allfacebook.com)

To be honest there are very few times when a company would not want to have a Facebook fan page or group. It may not be the most “professional” form of social media, but it may be one of the most effective. Whether a business creates a group or page themselves or it is created by a loyal customer, if it is done right it will help promote the company. As long as the content is favorable towards the business, people will react positively. With that being said, it is certainly safer to create your own page so that you may more easily regulate the content that is added, making sure everything is appropriate and constructive. Even if Facebook isn’t your number 1 form of social media, it certainly could be more beneficial then you think.

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