With 4,547,677 monthly active users family feud is one of the most popular games on Facebook.

Facebook is not only addictive in keeping up on old friends and finding out about new ones, you can also spend hours and hours of time playing addictive family fun games.

Family Feud is a game based on the TV game show, ‘Family Feud’. You play 4 rounds, each round guessing the top answers on the board. To continue you have to beat the average score, if you do you get to play fast money. After you complete fast money you send your half of the score to somebody else to have them compete and try to reach 200 points.

For completing all of the different parts of the game you receive points and  then you are ranked against all of your other friends that play the game.

Family feud is addicting and also made in such a way that you get points for getting your friends addicted also. The whole time you play you are on Facebook and seeing the ads pop up that Facebook puts up. Any of the games are draws for Facebook to advertise their sponsors.

Family feud is addicting and a great advertiser.

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