I never had much interest in fantasy football, let alone any other fantasy sport.  This all changed after one of my buddies from home hit my interest in fall of 2008.  I was immediately hooked and determined to learn as much as I possibly could about the subject.  I asked my friend if he knew of any good websites about fantasy sports.  Enter WalterFootball.com

Walter Football is the ultimate source for any and all fantasy sports rankings, mock drafts, tournament picks, etc…  There is a virtual smorgisbord of information on current fantasy sports to be found at this site, which when combined with his wry humor and good advice creates a winning recipe for catching the interest of any fantasy sports enthusiast.

Walter, the author and webmaster of the site, is a Penn State alum who lives in Philly and does little more than watch sports and write about them.  His website WalterFootball.com is also one of the most well-known and respected fantasy sites on the Web.

This is a perfect example of an internet entrepreneur who took something he loved, turned it into a website, worked his butt off, and now makes a comfortable living off of nothing more than a little sports-writing and mock fantasy drafts.

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