A Freemium is a subscription service which has both a free to use and a premium version of the service.  Spotify is an example of such a service.  Spotify offers a music streaming service and one can use this
service without haveing to buy anything but to use the whole service they would have to pay for a premium account.  These Freemium subscriptions services are becoming more and more prevalent and have become a norm for many app based internet entrepreneurial services.  With these new styles of services, the possibilities for entrepreneurs only grow.

3 Responses to “Freemiums”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Freemiums are definitely becoming more popular among entrepreneurs in today’s world. It will be interesting to see how Spotify’s model holds up as they tighten their criteria for discounts (such as the student discount) and make more people pay the full monthly subscription rate in order to eliminate ads.

  2. Dan Dorman says:

    I have always used Spotify. But have been too stubborn to actually sign up for the subscription. However, i do believe the freemium model is a great structure for any entrepreneur to try and use.

  3. paulmorrissey_ says:

    Freemium is something i see as a tease. They know their product is decent and they will give you just enough to survive and they tease you with the good parts but you can’t have them unless you pay.

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