The Website and App Roadtrippers quickly became an obsession of mine after I found it. Last year when all my friends from high school went all over the country, I was dying to see them. I went on google maps to see how far I was away from them but that was all I was given. I wanted to see what cool sites were along the way that I could stop and see and where to get some good food and really get an entire experience with taking a road trip. I soon found the website Roadtrippers and it was everything I could ever want. I t works like google maps where you put in point A and point B and it tells you the distance but it can also tell how much gas will cost when you put in your tank size and MPG. It offers extra information too. When it gives you the directions you can scroll on the map and select certain subjects like, national parks, restaurants, hotels, local treasures and more. All along the route you would take to get to your final destination pops up these neat sites you can go to. When you click on one of the options it can show you pictures and you can read reviews for it. You can create an account and create multiple road trips and save to the trip all the places you want to go. It being an app on your phone is great when it comes to driving.

I have used this app three times so far and it has opened up my eyes to places I would have never knew existed. I would have had to research more deeply to find these places and then do more research to find the ratings and what to expect. Instead I got a one stop experience. I used this app for going to Ohio University, Toronto, and Cape May, New Jersey,  and Bar Harbor, Maine. Each of these trips I went to places along the way that Roadtrippers pointed out.

This app also help when it comes to the money aspect of things. Since it shows you the cost of gas and you can easily add in food and stay you can budget accordingly.

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  1. Dan Christiansen says:

    planning a trip can take a lot of research and can be fairly time consuming. When trying to factor in financial cost, driving time and local attractions, all of this can be daunting. Roadtrippers seems to stream line this process and make trips more accessible to more people. This is definitely the type of site I would look to use in the future.

  2. This seems really interesting. Ill have to use it this summer when I drive to Oregon for the Olympic Trials.

  3. All of my closest college friends and I have been planning a trip for when we graduate for a couple months. Obviously, we still have some time before then but I will keep this in my back pocket for when the time comes. I hate trip planning and something that makes the whole process easier would be a life saver. I’ve always wondered why people stress about going on vacation, that seems a little twisted, but it’s good to know a business saw the problem and capitalized on it.

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