So I have a stack of textbooks in my room from previous semesters’ classes that I never sold because they came out with a new edition.  So now the bookstore won’t buy them back, students won’t buy them, and I’m down big bucks and stuck with books I don’t want.  After looking at the pile grow I decided to try and sell them on

I’d bought things off Amazon before but never sold anything.  It was surprisingly really easy.  I had to sign up for a Seller Account, but the actual process of listing my items was extremely fast and easy.  Literally in less than a day I had sold two of my books and made over $80.  It really seems as if Amazon has the whole buying and selling process down…the ease of use for the customer is key.  It’s simple and fast, and apparently effective, and if I have books to sell in the future I will definitely consider Amazon as my platform.

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