What is GizaPage? Well, here is what they have to say for themselves:

About GizaPage

GizaPage is a social media hub that helps consumers and brands optimize their social media outreach by aggregating and serving their many profiles side by side on one webpage and under their own domain.

Of course…that’s what they want you to think.  I decided to try it out.  Basically, GizaPage is a social media hub – the site dashboard, once you’ve created an account, brings together your social media pages for easy access and control, as well as easy viewing for others.  Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Delicious, Digg, and Tumblr are all among the accounts that can be brought together by your GizaPage.

What does this service cost?  Nothing, yet…the beta version has been released, but is still a work in progress.  The better question, perhaps, is whether GizaPage is, indeed, a service?  From an internal monitoring standpoint, as a business or individual, there is value to having all your accounts in one, easy-to-monitor location.  Log-on to tweet, and, while you’re at it, quickly Digg what you are blogging about, update your Facebook status, and link to a YouTube video all from the same homepage.  From a information-consumer point of view, a stalker so to speak, this would be ideal.  Having every bit of social information output from an individual or company in one place would simplify things greatly.

If Gizaage catches on, individuals will need to be even more careful and considerate about what information, pictures, videos, or stories are posted online for job reasons.  This could potentially bring increased peer-to-peer accountability to the world of social networking.

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