is a free way to get your resume online.  It has recognized a need that LinkedIn does not fill. allows its users to upload videos to improve your resume. provides a well designed, easy to use application for giving you an online resume.  It tries to help give you an edge in the job marketplace by having a more interactive resume and attracting more employers.  They try to help you along the process so you won’t receive spam offers and so you can manage your resume.

Sirona Consulting recognizes that GlobalPitch is different, but it may not be different enough from other popular online resume sites such as LinkedIn.  The Houston Angel Network believes that GlobalPitch will have the ability to become profitable in the future.

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  1. I read with interest your review of our site. Thank you for taking the time to give us a look

    A few things I want to add to your review:
    We at GlobalPitch are dedicated to helping the job seeker. We are, therefore, adding services to our basic profile service that can assist individuals in their job search. So far we offer (1) a way to blast your profile/resume to a large number of recruiters of your choice and (2) a way to drop your information on up to 85 job boards.

    We are soon adding several more services targeted to helping job seekers:
    – career coaching services
    – resume writing services
    – a premium profile service
    – a community section (a discussion-based forum which will allow users to have discussions with us, with recruiters/hiring managers, and (maybe most importantly) with each other).

    We have several others in development (and in negotiation with third-parties) as well.

    BTW – I enjoyed reading your other pieces relevant to the online job search market.

    Thanks again for your useful input. Any additional feedback your class, your friends, your readers, anyone has – we are certainly open to hearing! We are especially interested in ideas that can improve our profile service or ideas for new services that would be helpful to job seekers. Feel free to direct them to me.

    GlobalPitch, Inc.

  2. Paul Verschaeve says:

    I had my profile and resume completed on GlobalPitch some time ago. I went to visit my personal page and it was gone and cannot retrieve it. Can you tell me why or what happened?

    Paul Verschaeve

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